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Windproof jumpers - recommendations?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by arc, Jun 16, 2012.

  1. What have you used and can recommend in a wind proof jumper for under a leather jacket. Especially interested in what's available in Melbourne - I'd like to try it on to ensure my girth is catered for :D

  2. Newspaper.

    Wind will never get through newspaper if you have a layer of it around you. Keep you snug as a bug in a rug, guaranteed!
  3. I'm after a jumper: especially to cover my arms and still flex.

    Newspaper is good tucked down your front, I'm after more than that.

  4. And you have something to read when you stop for a lunch break!!!
  5. I just use a 100 weight fleece under the jacket so it's not too bulky and that's entirely adequate.
    If you really do need windproof, then something in Windstopper fabric from the hiking / cycling / outdoor shop might be a better bet.
    RS Taichi make a Windstopper garment specifically for wearing under leathers.
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  7. go to the north face or kathmandu stores. i personally just use a hoody
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  9. Can't speak highly enough of my heated vest. It was terrific on the Eden trip last weekend.


    It's about the same thickness as a fleecy but the insulation is fantastic even without the heating element switched on. With it being thermostatically controlled it also means you don't overheat.

    Although it doesn't cover the arms, these actually means you arms are not restricted like they can be with lots of layers. Heating the core also provides a warm feeling throughout.
  10. Found the following thanks to AlGroover's post above

    Inner jacket liner: http://www.motorcycleracegear.com.au/RS-Taichi-Wind-Stop-Inner-Motorcycle-Jacket-RSU232.html

    Under suit http://www.motorcycleracegear.com.au/RS-Taichi-Windstopper-Inner-Suit-NXU914.html

    Plus these two, which I've asked if they'll be available through Alex and RS TAICHI Australia, http://www.motorcyclewarehouse.net.au / http://www.motorcycleracegear.com.au

    Inner jacket http://www.taichimoto.com/rs-taichi-windstopper-inner-jacket/

    Inner pants http://www.taichimoto.com/rs-taichi-windstopper-inner-pants/

    I've got a Dainese windstopper neck warmer and it's fantastic. Under garments made of this material would likely be very good at keeping the (cold) wind out over winter. ATM I'm using my RST stretchy waterproof over jacket pretty much all the time.

  11. Hey arc,

    Alex is really great to deal with and the RS Taichi stuff I have is first rate.

    He is in Rowville and is happy for you to go and try stuff on.

    Would highly recommend both.

    Have a look at This thread -


    While it is about the rain suit it will give you an idea about what people think of RS Taichi gear.

    Cheers Jeremy
  12. a spoon of cement ?

    just kidding
  13. Ahhhhh how can something be a windstopper and breathable at the same time

    does it have one way fibres ?

  14. A lot of sailing gear is wind and water proof and breathable at the same time.

    I have 2 Gill mid layer jackets that do exactly that.

  15. Goretex, I have a goretex lined riding jacket for my pushie, it's paperthin yet warm as. works a treat for keeping the wind out and keeping the heat in. It is breathable because when I'm cycling and build up a sweat I'm not saturated unlike when wearing my older plasticky rainjacket. where you are as wet inside as out.
    Good thing about it is that you can reverse it and wear it as an everyday outdoor jacket like I did when on camp and it was 5 degrees blowing a gale and raining heavily.
  16. I had a North Face sales guy recommend something like this to me when I went in there recently. It was paper thin and I had a hard time believing it would keep the wind out but he assured me it would if I wore it under my leathers. I didn't buy it 'cause it was around $250 but I'm still thinking about it. What's the brand you wear Smee?
  17. If you go to the stores that supply skiers and hikers you can get the top notch shit. My jacket from snowgum was more hiker than skier oriented and cost about $120 from memory.
  18. gore bike wear
    it's a bargain!!
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  19. I got a beauty from Anaconda at 50% off. "Cape" brand. It replaced a thermal undershirt, extra tee and a thick fleece. Waterproof, breathable, windproof and lightweight.
    I wear it middle of winter, good as gold.
  20. I use a Polartec® jacket underneath my normal jacket and it is great