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Windows XP issue

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by smee, Aug 9, 2008.

  1. I have an issue with XP where windows explorer (no not internet explorer) will crash whenever I try and access the hard drives.
    It is intermittent however.
    Applications etc run perfectly but as soon as you open "my computer" and double click on one of the hard drives and open it, it crashes explorer so I've put it down to a windows explorer issue.
    Anyone have any idea what's wrong?
    A solution apart from kicking the shit out of the box?
    Funnily file sharing with my mac over my router is flawless so I have to use my mac to move files around on the windows box which is rather tedious!

    (Any wonder I love macs.)

    It's a p4 2.6 ghz 2 gig ram with 2 hard drives and a 256 radeon video card
  2. Do what I did. Turn the bastard off.

    I only turn my pc on to print membership cards then I switch it off again.

    Stupid doze
  3. It's my HD tv and I use it to record shows when i get a friggin digital reception (stupid lack of a decent aerial)
    I do enjoy kicking it occasionally to put it in its place.
  4. toss an xp install disk in the thing and boot it.

    Let it do its thing then opt for the "repair" option when you get it.

    It may fix the stupid thing.
  5. What does the event viewer log say?

    Usually this shit is caused by a crapy program, but it can be a disk error.
  6. You are asking a mac person what an event viewer is
    can you expand on this?

    Edit: I ran all sorts of tests defragged both drives etc.
    It seems like an explorer issue but if all fails I'll check the connections because it happens to whatever drive i open up intermittently.
    Even a USB drive.
    Problem only surface last week.
  7. Lol...go into control panel (start button, then control panel) then admin tools then event viewer or computer management/event viewer. It keeps a log of crashes and such.
  8. Installed anything new over the last week? I know (early) Kodak software at one stage would crash windows explorer when you tried to open a drive - I'm not sure what else does it...
  9. I don't think I did....
    Wil have to check my henpecked brain and get back on this.
    In the meantime I'll try a repair following vic's suggestion.
    (then kick it again)
  10. I'd be interested to know how you go with it and if it resets any of your settings (view all files, icon arrangements etc). I've never used the repair function in XP since by the time a system gets to me it needs a reformat or a bullet.
    I don't even know what it does other than overwrite overwritten system files, which would suggest a dodgy program installed anyway.
    I''ll read up tomorrow and learn more about it :)
  11. Do you have any network drives setup on the xp box ? is so, and a network link is down eg, you have mapped a network drive that is now gone but the connection is still in my computer can cause this. Ive seen this happen before.
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  13. No no no. Kick it first :)
  14. no it's no specific drive, it does it with all of them.
    I've narrowed it down to Nero media which may be the culprit.
    Any video tagged with the nero media icon and is on that specific drive seems to cause explorer to go nutz.
    I'll uninstall nero and see if the problem disappears.
    (then kick it again)
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  16. re-install XP and DON'T reinstall Nero; there are plenty of programmes that do all that Nero does without the bloatware and problems it brings, some of them are free.
  17. this is the sort of thing that shits me about windows
    I have to Reinstall it in order to fix a problem.
    Why can't they make the system as stable as the mac?
    I uninstalled Nero and the problem atm seems to have vanished.
    We shall keep an eye on it.
    (I've kicked it again for good measure)
  18. 1 operating system * 83123129832737 variables in relation to hardware choices * 7412477634123461236463493312 choices in relation to software setups = the occasional problem.

    I like choice and as far as windows OSs go XP is amazing.
  19. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    try running Shake or vmware on a mac and see how much that borks your system (as I unfortunately do on a daily basis -10 reboots in as many days on a brand new install).
    If you run crappy programs that have been coded by chumps don't blame your OS, blame the program or programmers, whatever releases the anger.
  20. Don't plan on running VMware anytime soon.
    I just got this macbook and apart from parallels or bootcamp that will be the extent of the "dark side"
    4 gig of ram is very nice too :)