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Windows Vista disc?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by undii, Nov 1, 2007.

  1. Hi, I just bought a brand new video card to give me DX10 (gaming) love just in time for the Xmas release of games. The card is an 8800GT. Also got it for $30 cheaper than current selling price due to buying it in the first day it sold. Lots of orders = it now sells $30 dearer. Anyway, side tracking too much..

    My question is, does anyone (from Melbourne?) have Windows 32bit Vista that they can lend to me while I install it (I have my own serial, I just can't find the bloody disc atm! :evil: ) and I'll give it back then. Far as I know, the Vista disc has every version on it and you just choose at install which version you want to install. Or know how I can get a hold of a Windows Vista disc. I'm told people can get it to trial it but that doesn't happen for Australia :roll: Any help would be appreciated :grin:

  2. why do you need the vista CD? :?:

    In case you need the drivers..., no vista cd will have them as this is a new card. It might has computable drivers but not the new drivers. Why don't ya download them online from here:

    Now with this free advice comes along some preaching :shock:
    Ancient Greeks said: Every limit is a good limit. So if you are so keen in gaming, put a limit to it, 1-2 or 10 hours a day. any limit will do as long as you don't waste your life in front of a screen. There are ladies out there waiting to enjoy your company. There are also libraries but thats something else. So put a limit in your addiction and live a life too..
  3. Microsoft has only allowed DX10 to run in Vista, not XP at all. So if I want to see DX10 graphics. I need to install Vista with the card in my machine. I got the card today, ran a benchmark for people who know/care about them..


    12054 in 3dmark 06 in XP. I really want to see if DX10 _looks_ better in my view and stuff... Just gotta find where I put the disc I had of it like 4-5 (6?) months ago. :?
  4. haha sure thing *hands over original
  5. Ahhh, all good... Found the disc, installed Vista and now seeing what DX10 can give me for eye candy :?: :idea:

    Thanks all for offering me the disc for an hour or two :wink:
  6. ahhh now i got it.
    It's like you bought a new left front tyre and you ask from someone to give you his Jaguar (or leopard) to try them out (and keep a copy of that Jaguar) :wink:
  7. He had a serial. The disc is worthless without a serial. Anyone who has Vista doesn't need their disc except as a backup. Not sure what's with the paranoia.
  8. yup, pretty much. It's not possible to make a metaphor about in terms of cars or bikes... at least not that i can think of.

    I wonder how long he realises Vista ain't that grand, there are only a few DX10 games out there, and it's not worth "upgrading" to vista :wink:
  9. you can get a serial in 5 sec..(google)
    The cd will take you much more than that..
    The hassles after the upgrade will last you a lifetime :LOL:

    My metaphor is beautiful :wink:
  10. Nah, it was crap.
  11. it is just the best you've ever come about.. You just don't know it :LOL:
  12. pah, the CD would take me 5 seconds to find as well :p

    never mind that i could get a legit version for free from my uni if i wanted...