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Windows is driving me mad

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Ljiljan, Oct 9, 2012.

  1. I hate it. however, I'm a student and macs are expensive. My time back on windows I am considering to be time spent in exile.

    Can someone please tell me why for the love of God the start taskbar won't autohide like I tell it to? I swear it's a petulant child just being uncooperative for the sake of it.
  2. Because you have to right click on the taskbar and select properties, then tick the box for "autohide the taskbar".
  3. Like so? (note the hidden taskbar in the picture).

  4. Mine works...
  5. Tried right click on the task bar and then uncheckng the lock the task bar n dragging the bar down? There used to be a way to do it on all the previous os of windows not so sure about the new one...anyway.....Enjoy !
  6. Apply the redhat fix. Personally, I use mint. Ubuntu has developed a really strange launcher thing that I'm not impressed with.
  7. Unity? Annoyed me at first, but got used to it.
  8. I've gone to Mint as well, cinnamon desktop is quite nice
  9. You have my sympathies. I am forced to use Windoze at work and it is a daily exercise in frustration.

    As for how to hide the taskbar - stick it in a cupboard? (sorry, couldn't resist)
  10. Yeah just give it up...

    I've not used Windows for 6 years now, Mac at home Linux at work.

    Whether you like Apple or not their market penetration has done more to push cross platform than anything else for years...
  11. Could be a rogue/outdated program in the notification area. Try the fixes in these threads: 1 2
    Same here. My plan to reinstall Win7 has been delayed by how well Mint 13 has been running off a USB thumbdrive:
    mint#mint ~ $ uptime
    10:11:07 up 50 days,  1:59,  7 users,  load average: 0.81, 0.86, 0.92
    Perfectly stable with no issues.
  12. <snip>blah blah windows bashing blah whine moan macs are great, steve jobs is my hero wheeeeeeeee</snip>

    My taskbar autohides just fine, Lilley. Have you tried turning it off and on again?

    That was a serious question btw. The taskbar can get stuck if there's a notification waiting for your response... even if you can't see it. Some antivirus software is good at doing that. Reboot might clear it, but if it keeps happening, have a look at this forum thread, particularly the reply titled "Most Helpful Reply" by nicolaj82.


    For linux people - Cinnamon vs Mate? I'm thinking about giving Mint a try, what do you reckon is the better desktop?
  13. Funny you should say that. I have a mac at home (just 1) which has the opposite problem. The stupid dock keeps hiding even though I've set it not to. Shitting me completely.

    Yep. I switched from ubuntu to mint as well.

    Cinamon (IMO). Very nice.
  14. Cinnamon is my choice. It's a usable implementation of GNOME 3, and supports MTP [for file transfer to/from my Android phone]. It was quite stable when I last tried it as a live session running off a USB drive -- uptime of 55+ days and going strong, but the PC needed to be turned off [overseas trip].

    That said, I'm currently running MATE [live session off a USB drive]. Old-school GNOME 2 looks, but MTP support is sorely missed and will eventually push me towards a reboot.
  15. Fedora 16, I never really got on with Debian...
  16. Since I'm currently doing the truly exciting task of socialisation testing of multiple laptops, including testing dvd burning, I may as well download both and live dvds so I can try them out for myself.

    I'm sure there's part of this testing that involves "stress-testing the network interfaces by downloading several gigabytes of data from the internet"... or you know, something like that :-w

    EDIT: Just threw in dvd of mint 13 with cinnamon, running as livecd... Not bad at a quick glance. Even better, auto-hiding the taskbar works flawlessly :)
  17. Plenty of [strike]pr0[/strike]Linux ISOs were obtained via torrents and direct downloads. Network performance was flawless, and nothing fell over.


    The best part is that I've installed a ton of third-party apps [DTP, audio/video editing, system admin apps, browsers, database progs], and they're all going great.
  18. The fact that turning it off and on is needed to clear this just shows how much of a relic windows really is. I'm struggling to believe how crap it really is. My 4 year old mac was booting up faster than this with windows 7 and i7. Battery life is pretty abysmal too particularly in comparison to current macs.

    and yes it solved it. I might save nicola's method for later.
  19. so, what are your thoughts on the fact that not even a reboot of my mac fixes my issue? Does that make it more of a relic?