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Windows 8

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by TRA, Nov 11, 2011.

  1. OK folks, I dont get it.

    I just downloaded the the developer preview and installed it on a virtual machine. The interface looks like windows phone (which I have not used) and its really clunky and unintuitive. It took a while for the ribbon control to grow on me with office, but I just cant see this one working for me at all.

    Anyone else had a play with it?
  2. Why is it they have gone backwards since XP...or 98 really lol.
    When I use 7 on my machine it cant cope and crashes quite a lot. Specially when I try to force things :)
    How can you get so rich selling such shoite ???
  3. Being a beta release I would suspect some of the features to not be used if they are a fail.......... oh wait a minute they still gave us VISTA
  4. The UI is intended to match WinPhone. It's paradigm is going to be highly different from what we currently know as a 'windows experience'.

    Think of it from a bare consumer point of view. Tablets, slates, touch screens, etc. Any consumer device with a touch screen will benefit from this interface. To keep the faithful happy, the existing windows7 type interace will still be there, lurking underneath (like DOS did for so many years).

    In short, if you look at it in your current mouse, keyboard, desktop PC environment it will likely seem arse-about. Instead try to think of a better experience on a TV or slate. Even one of those trippy coffee table/computer combinations. That's where it will come into its own.


    Of course, there's going to be a lot of wait and see here. This industry changes fast when it wants to....
  5. I haven't seen it, but it sort of makes sense... keep the UI standard(ish) irrespective of the device delivering the content.
  6. Its definitely targeted at touch screen usage. I am just not sure why you want a touch screen OS for desktop use.

    Mind you, I only just started playing around with the features. Maybe I will figure it out after enough time. If not, I am sure its possible to configure it like win 7 or the like.
  7. A chick I was dating had one of those Touch screen desktops. mmm
    I like it but just hate crap on my screen.
    Does anyone besides gamers use a desk top anymore lol
  8. windows is getting worse every year, im getting a 27" imac next time i buy a pc
  9. @goz - I agree. But for mainstream desktop use, Windows still has a majority. Group policy is a big winner in a larger corporate environment... and the IT department for a lot of larger organisations that I have seen appear very hesitant to explore the mac as a viable alternative. I believe it is because it is out of their comfort zone.

    As a developer, I target, initially, the platform with the biggest target audience. That is still Windows. That means I am tied into at least virtualising a windows OS for the forseeable future.

  10. We are seeing this trend in other OS's too, for example Ubuntu now using Unity as its desktop window manager rather than Gnome.

    Personally I think this sucks. I want to do various complex things on the desktop including right clicks releasing different functionality - than I do on a smartphone or tablet.
  11. I tried Windows 8 Developer preview the day it came out just for shits and giggles, and whilst it was obviously buggy, I can say I don't mind it thus far. Obviously I'm a bit of a tech nerd - not by job just by hobby, I've built PC's from parts, used nearly all the main stream operating systems available (Windows, Mac, multiple linux distros), I've created basic programs, created basic blogs, done basic photo editing. I like technology. I think I see where Windows is going with this but I really can't see it working at this point in time.

    I've got a HTC HD2 which I'm currently dual booting Windows Phone 7.5 and Android 2.3.7, now for me Windows Phone 7 isn't really for me (I can't survive on WP7.5 at it's current stage, I need my Android applications) but when I do use WP7.5 I really do like the whole 'metro' (tiles and what not) feel to it, it runs so smooth and has a very minimilistic (is that even a word?) feel to it.

    If WP7 had the same apps as my Android phone I would most probably switch but there's some specific applications I want/need that aren't available yet but it's only a matter of time.

    As for the people who don't like the metro/tile look then I can agree with you, I hated it the first time I saw the user interface of Windows Phone 7, I thought why would someone want 4 tiles on a screen where they can have 16 normal sized icons instead but then I used the OS for about a day and got used to it and now it doesn't annoy me any more.

    When Windows 8 actually gets released then I have no doubt that it will include an option of whether you want the metro look or the normal taskbar which can be changed at any time - even now although you don't have the option in the control panel going back to the normal taskbar at the bottom is easily achieved (example: see here).

    I honestly think it will be pretty good once it's released, if they can get a desktop, tablet and WP7.5 to all work together and sync flawlessly then it would be awesome imo.

    My desktop with Windows 8 running:


  12. Win8 will boot with the metro style interface by default, but you can turn it off and it will look and act a lot like Win7.

    As for the numerous "Windows sucks" style comments, I have only this to say in response - "Baaaaaaaa".
  13. People always complain about Microsoft not innovating and when they do, people complain.

    As a Mac user I think it's great that Windows 8 is a massive departure from their standard approach, not because I want it to fail, but because I see it as a sign that Microsoft is taking a risk by innovating. You cannot be creative without the risk of failure and if Microsoft is to survive moving forward, they need to be innovative.