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Windows 8 surface tablet

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by ageg, Oct 12, 2012.

  1. Anyone else excited about microsofts new tablets coming out?. Now I don't wanna start a fanboy war of apple vs Microsoft and which is better etc.

    I been looking into microsofts 8 tablet and it looks very promising. Seems to be 2 kinds that will be released early next month, the surface rt and surface pro. The surface rt just using the new metro style look and pro being metro and also windows desktop.

    For me this tablet seems great, I'm in the market for a new laptop an this seems to be a winner atm. The pro version will run all current windows apps like office, outlook etc. also the new protective case is also a keyboard, very handy.

    I don't think I've been this excited about something since getting my motorbike lol, I'm like a little kid checking for updates on news each day haha
  2. The day Microsoft makes something that doesn't suck is the day they start making vacuum cleaners...

    The answer is no, I'm not excited :p
  3. I'm always confused when people get excited about having a keyboard for their tablet. I've been calling things like that "laptops" for years.

    Now I haven't seen the tablet you're referring to, but my sneak peak when Windows 8 server came out was... interesting.
  4. Link? What sort of hardware spec are we talking? Does it have an optical drive, or USB inputs? Screen type & resolution? Storage capacity?
  5. Yeah, looking forward to Windows 8...............
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  7. ??? Meaning?
  8. You have heard of a minor console called the X-BOX360, I presume :LOL:??

    My only complaint with Win8 is that they took away the start button, but stardock.com have a replacement, you can all breath again.....

    I have a Samsung Slate Win7 tablet and it is a joyful bit of kit, by the way...
  9. Excited? no. However they are going to have some excelent uses.

    Especially pared with WinPhone8's.

    Win8 on desktop leaves me needing some serious convincing. Where MS can win here, if they don't balls it up, is getting business some serious tablet/slate/smartphone devices with big business manageability as part of the spec, not either an afterthought or without ANY thought (i'm looking at you, apple.)

    Flame away; windows haters. I'm not a fanboy, far from it in fact. I do however have better things to do than argue it for no purpose.
  10. I'm sure that Win8 and the surface tablet signal the eventual transformation of the traditional desktop workstation into something very different, and more flexible....
  11. I've got a Thinkpad X230T tablet-PC which will receive Windows 8 later this month. Was gonna wait for the Surface Pro to be released but Lenovo dangled a good deal in front of me and I had to pounce. :p

    I've always been a fan of tablet PCs and the 'tablet' formfactor for travelling - this was before iPads and so on, mind you - and so I recently tried to replace my subnotebook with an Asus Transformer TF101 android tablet w/ keyboard dock.

    90% of the time it's great. Battery life, size and weight, etc, etc. And it can be a tablet when I'm travelling on an aircraft or other place where a laptop formfactor is clumsy/socially-unacceptable/uncomfortable.

    But the 10% of the time, when instead of watching Youtube or reading websites I wanna do something creative, be it editing/managing/uploading photos from my DSLR or editing a document from work without mutilating the template, or even light multitasking, it's either excruciating or impossible.

    So.... I'm cautiously optimistic that Windows 8 will be the ultimate vindication of the tablet PC, with finger-touchy tablet style applications with the option to go to a Windows 7/x86 or /x64 style application environment for heavy lifting and CAD work and 'real' work.

    We'll see, I guess!
  12. You may like where Samsung is going with their detachable tablet. (likely a few others are looking this way too, but theirs is the one i've been watching...)
  13. I must be the only nerd out there who gives nary a single crap about tablets.

    Laptop for things resembling real work.

    Kindle for reading.

    Smartphone for mobile connectivity.

    3 devices without significant compromises (other than the fact that there's not a laptop in the world that can replace my desktop, but I accept that). I'll take that over two devices and giving up a hell of a lot.
  14. Well, perhaps for some people. :)

    Everyone likes to think that, but there are a wide variety of jobs out there that require substantially more power or resources than a portable device can be expected to give for quite a long time. For better or for worse, mine's one of 'em.

    That having been said, I wouldn't mind a tablet for some ASPECTS of my job, but it'd require a lot of very specialized software.
  15. You mean like the way that stupid f*&king ribbon bar supposedly made Office products more flexible and easier to use....

    I don't want "flexible". I want something that does what I tell it to, rather than constantly trying to pre-empt what I might want. It's bad enough that Windows 7 keeps changing settings on my computer without asking, and that's after having disabled as many of its automatic features as I can. It's really getting to the point where they need to split their product line into "Windows - for people who actually know something about how a computer works" and "Windows - for people who spend 99% of their time posting pictures on Facebook".
  16. Not too sure that a tablet could do cad work but multitasking it can. You can run 2 apps at a time side by side. Editing documents and photos can be done via the keyboard/mouse which is attached to the screen protector.

    Lets get it right here tho people, tablets atm are not heavy duty desktop editing functioning machines that can stand up to laptop workloads and performance in the high end market. Give them a few years for technology to develop, things to get smaller and more powerful and then they will.

    I myself have a desktop which is for high end heavy work load stuff eg.. Games and graphic design and a laptop for word documents, web surfing, photo editing and the lighter side of things, which now I can replace with the windows tablet and if anything get better results.
  17. I just got my new work laptop today, and was a little excited that it's Windows 7 - I'm part of a "pilot" program...
    But then I realised there's no Cisco Wireless Client for it yet, so I'm stuck to a desk and a cable.
    Oh, and apparently Win7 doesn't get along with Zenworks that well either, so I can't install a printer until they turn the bundles on again...

    But as far as Win8 goes? Well, I've been carrying a Windows Phone for a couple of years now.
    So the bastards owe me, big time!
  18. Ive been getting into micro electronics recently so the whole Windows running on ARM is interesting. From a marketing/brand perspective though I think having the words "Windows" or "Microsoft" in any product name is a ball and chain.
    Im not really a fan of either the Apple or MS side (I make a living in both) but it blows me away just how fast everyone had their lunch eaten by Apple.