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Windows 7 Question

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by lowercase, May 26, 2010.

  1. Hey,

    The IT guy in my office is unsure and I'm unsure, so thought I'd ask.

    Stupid question, but I'd love to get "auto-complete" when typing in fields and just wondering how to turn it on?

    I've turned it on for another user, however it's a different process for me. I go to "tools", "internet options" and then "settings" in browsing history - however, it doesn't have an option to turn it on or off like I'm used to.

    Anyone know?


    I tried searching for "windows 7" but windows comes up in WAY too many threads and 7 won't come up at all :)
  2. Tools-Internet Options-Content-Auto Complete
  3. Thanks!! You're a legend! :D
  4. Nothing worse than a p0rn site popping up when your girlfriend starts to typing in the search bar.8-[

    Firefox is Tools>Options>Privacy> Remember search and form history

    IE is Tools>Internet Options>Content> Autocomplete>Settings
  5. Well I'm a single chick and it's my work computer lol.

    Just easier for forms and docs etc
  6. Sounds like an opportunity to get her involved if you ask me ;)

  7. Definitely! ;)
  8. Err sorry but as I'm an IT nerd and can't help myself......so?

    Shouldn't have the thread been called Internet Explorer 8 question.....:p

    Good to see it's been answered...:bolt:
  9. That's so hot ;) hehe
  10. joe is right.
    BTW slap your IT guy for calling himself an IT guy and not knowing the answer.
  11. Isn't auto-complete generally considered bad?

    I thought people could make forms with invisible fields that can be auto completed with bank account details etc

    let me quickly knock something up, and I'll get lowercase to have a browse...
  12. I don't do any banking or what not on my work computer.

    Just salesforce.com and some general forums and facebook.
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  14. Yes. One of the GPOs at my company enforces InPrivate browsing as the default for all users.

    Best idea I ever had.
  15. would you like to outsourse your IT :)