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"window shopping" for bigger bike FZ6R v Ninja 650RL

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by chicken78, Sep 1, 2011.

  1. Found myself driving past pete stevens and had one of those "oooh shiny stuff"(girls are attracted to shiny bling, bling things, just I prefer the 2 wheel variety) moments. Went for a gander and checked out the FZ6R nice bike 2010 model $11,000 ish on the road asked a few questions, had a sit blah blah blah

    Then he decides to show me the Ninja 650RL, 2011 $10,000 on road with ABS..straight away I scoffed because its a kawasaki(and granted I have no legitimate basis for my not liking kawasakis... I just dont)

    Apparently the handling and performance is superior to the yamaha and more bang for buck with current model, decreased depreciation with the mere fact of ABS(which makes sense) I did like the more agressive styling of the 650 over the Yamaha, and also the more "agressive"(maybe the wrong word) postion that you sit on the bike. But it is still a kawasaki!!!

    So from the beginning of the week I have gone from "chucking" in riding from external sources, to a big FU I love it Im doing it anyway. A little more power, increased handling and performance than what the hyo has offered has certainly got me thinking.

    Any opinions on how the 2 stack up against each other?
  2. Why not do a test ride, it may be a clincher anyway no matter what people say?
  3. Hmm chuckin it in to an upgrade??
    Well do alot of tyre kicking :) you know WHAT you like, book yourself for a coupel of test rides, off the L's helps :) and goodl uck with your search. glad to hear you're staying on 2 wheels too.
  4. (y) Good to know that you will still be on 2 wheels.

    Both bikes are good but I (personally) would opt for the Yamaha. Nothing against Kawasaki BUT I've a soft spot for Yamaha's. Both Kawasaki & Suzuki dont make me (can't find the righ word) but you know what I mean. Kawa & Suzuki make magnificent bikes and so do Honda & I admire most of their models but ..there is a but...I've a soft spot for Yamaha's. :p Hard to explain!

    All these 4 Japanese brands are good at what they do - you will just need to find the right one. For me it's a combination of make/model, colour, design asthetics, durability, maintenance & performance. Price not so much.

    I've got a good rapport with the Yamaha Sales Manager & if you want I can get a quote from him as well. He gave me a fantastic price for my XVS650. Let me know.
  5. Test ride my 650RL on Saturday Katie.
    Also one more benifit ( I think this is right) the kawaski is cheaper to deristrict then the Yamaha. I actully found the screw that needs to fall out :p on the weekend but it's still there.
  6. Why not look at the naked triumph ( 675 naked). Quite a haughty bike! :)
  7. Are you still restricted to LAMS bikes?

    Actually, it doesn't matter. Ride everything you and get your arse on and buy the one that gives you the biggest smile.
  8. Oh I know!!!!!

    Yes! I hate LAMS but stuck with it for another 360 days...
  9. Hey, at least you get a choice. I had the choice of a 250 or a 250. Mind you I'm old, and when I got my licence (NSW) I was only restricted to a 250 for 3 months.

    Do you think you can live with the bike you have for a year? If you can, a whole raft of options will be open to you.
  10. There is only one option in 360 days time I think, after making the fatal mistake of walking into a triumph dealer and seeing "him" just sitting there waiting, for a new home :(
  11. At least you were able to legally ride race replica 2 stroke bikes around that have more acceleration (in good tune of course) than all currently LAMS approved bikes :)

    Chicken, (y) Good to know you've decided to stick it to the man and keep on riding :D
  12. I reckon save your money for those 360 days and get a non-LAMS bike once your off restrictions :p otherwise, kawasakis are awesome! :biker:
  13. That would be the sensible thing mike, but had some time to kill and just went looking.
  14. Becareful lusting after bikes. My wife lusted after a Ducati Streetfighter. Then she rode one. It was off the list. Great bike, infact it was a fanfuckingtastic bike (her word not mine), but she couldn't live with it as her only bike.

    Ride everything, even the ones you don't think you'll like. You just never know. My sister never wanted a VTR1000, they didn't do anything for her. That was before she'd actually ridden one. She's now owned 2 of them.
  15. Umm, not in NSW no. The 2 stroker race reps have been non learner legal for a very very long time.
  16. oh, I see. Maybe that is the case for VIC as well.
  17. Damn good idea!! Sharpen your skills in the meantime and your dollars worth off the Hyo.. Unless of course you get a great trade in now??
  18. It's almost like walking into a dog pound and seeing those pleading little faces, isn't it? :(
  19. Personally I think this post is pointless. Women shouldn't be riding bikes. They should be pillion on the bikes or in the kitchen making dinner. Sell your bike, find a husband, settle down and have rug rats and forget about this new bike madness, Chicken. It will only stray you down an evil path of self indulgence which will send you to hell.


    Pastor MissionMan
  20. ROFLMAO seriously cupcake? thats all you got???

    Muffin man thats gold, im using that as my signature..