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Windjammer II (generic 'whisper kit')

Discussion in 'Everything Else' at netrider.net.au started by VFR750 IRYDE, Jan 1, 2009.

  1. Problem: I hate jamming cheap nasty earplugs into my ears. I'm stingy so I re-use them, and so eventually at some point I find myself standing looking at a manky wax crusted plug, wondering why I hate myself so much as to shove THAT into my ear.

    Then I heard about this thing called the 'windjammer', which is supposed to reduce the noise levels inside the helmet. So I bought one.

    It's been a long time coming, but I've finally got around to reviewing the windjammer II.

    See here: http://www.proline-sports.co.uk/acatalog/UK_Wind_jammer_21.html for those of you who haven't heard of the windjammer.

    It fits as easily as they claim and as far as I can tell it hasn't moved a micrometer since I put it on.

    A few things become instantly apparent. The hole that is left for you to poke your head through is quite narrow (surprise surprise) so taking the helmet off / putting it back on takes a little bit more thought than before. Its tight around the neck, but leaves a bit of clearance in front of the throat, so I haven't felt like it was choking me at all. It also dramatically increases fogging when stationary. Even in clear weather on warm days I had to crack open my visor at lights.

    On the road at up to 60kph the difference in noise levels isn't huge. The KINDS of noise that stands out changes. No longer can I hear every little mechanical sound my bike makes, or the hum of the tyres on the tarmac. But if anything the (stock) exhaust seems to stand out a bit more than before. :grin:

    But it's the 60 - 100+ kph bracket that I was interested in. Previously my helmet would increase in noise levels until (depending on the direction and speed of the wind) by 100 - 110 there was often a buffeting of dirty air coming over the windscreen that caused frankly painful amounts of noise and uncomfortable fluctuations in pressure inside the helmet. Ear plugs were a MUST for my daily commute to work. (which involves freeway)

    So I got on the bike and 'tested' the noise reducing qualities of the windjammer at high(er) speeds. And I was impressed... and yet not.

    The buffetting was almost completely gone. Just the merest trace of it left. I can still feel my helmet getting pushed around by the dirty air off the screen, but it's not pressuring my ears. I was able to break the 100kph mark without wonding if my ears were bleeding yet and so I have to conclude that YES, the windjammer works...

    ...but not well enough for me.

    The final realisation that it still wasn't quiet enough came when I noticed that the 'ringing' in my ears was a little bit louder one night after a hearty blast. (its the ringing that most people only hear after rock concerts or similar. I have it permenantly courtesy of the careless firing of a machinegun (with it's muzzle about a foot from my right ear - think 'Blackhawk down') during rifleman training. The ringing is now permenant but the volume of the ringing varies depending on how much noise I've put up with that day.)

    And so I'm back to square 1. I still need earplugs... and truth be told, if I'm wearing ear plugs anyway, then I'd rather not have to put up with the extra fogging and tightness of fit that the windjammer creates, so it'll be windjammer off, plugs on for me.

    For people who don't want / like earplugs, the windjammer is a great product. It DOES reduce helmet noise, under some circumstances it reduces noise by quite a bit. If you are not an earplug wearer, but you are concerned about 'industrial' hearing loss from long term exposure to helmet noise, then the windjammer is great.

    For me, it's back to the earplugs. *sigh* Perhaps I should try those self-moulded ones. I was just hoping I'd find a solution that didn't involve work! :grin:

  2. Fascinating stuff, mate. I guess the technology is sound, but it depends on what they claimed and what you expected.

    I would try earmolds, though, I put them off for no good reason but now I have them I wish I'd have got them earlier.
  3. I think you ordered yours the same day as I did. Still waiting for mine to turn up. Hopefully will be here soon as I feel it will considerably reduce my helmet noise caused by wind.

    I have as of a week or so ago gone from using the cheapo ear plugs to a set of custom earmoulded ones. They reduced the noise a noticeable amount over regular ear plugs. The only problem with them I've found for me is with biggish ears getting the helmet off is harder as it gets caught on the earplugs when lifting the helmet off.
  4. I have a pair of earmoulds and won't go out riding without them. If put in right, they reduce the wind noise (riding a naked bike) to a whisper, and engine noise to a soft hum.
  5. Got my windjammer II yesterday and had it on the helmet for the 52km round trip to/from work. I wore it without earplugs to test by itself. For me, it reduced the wind noise inside the helmet which used to hurt my ears and make them ring. None of that today. There was still a lot of external wind noise of wind hitting the outside of the helmet.

    So I will still need to wear earplugs but I imagine tomorrow it will be very quiet when I ride with the windjammer + earplugs combined.

    As noted by the OP, helmet is harder to get on and off, and will fog up easier, but it's worth it. I'll be keeping mine on, at least for the timebeing until I'd tried it out more.
  6. I second the above thoughts about the Windjammer.

    I've not had much luck with mine on my VTR250 or my Tiger1050, because the majority of wind noise on these bikes is turbulance off of the instrument panel and windshield buffetting the helmet.

    What it does help with is keeping cold air out of your helmet during winter, especially when combined with a good balaclava. :)
  7. I have been meaning to write a review about the windjammer 2 myself and this has reminded me that I said that nearly three years ago.

    Basically I concur with most of what has been said. I also have used pharmacy plugs and have a set of earmold plugs.

    Straight up, after using them for about 3 years (30K/ year) I dont particularly like plugs. Fiddely, uncomfortable over extended use (yes the earmold is better but still becomes tiring). Thats why I tried the windjammer.

    As stated the 'jammer fits easily to the helmet (Shoei TZR in my case) and stays put rain, hail or shine. The sticky attachment strip stays so even after multiple washes.

    The fit does ease up with use. The main benefits appear to be a significant reduction in noise, warmer helmet in winter, improved ventilation at speed and most notably a reduction in helmet lift at speed in addition to a reduction in sensitivity of the helmet to respond to cross winds.

    Would i buy one again, absolutely.
  8. Now I've had mine on for 4/5 months and the weather has turned cold, it really helps keep the cold air coming up from underneath into the helmet. I'll be leaving it on.