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Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by LiLEd, Oct 12, 2006.

  1. Hi guys, Just a question. My Cbr250 rr Winds off its head. Is that normal? Seems like mine winds more than others. What causes that? can it be fixed?


  2. wtf is winds?

    whine? gear driven cylinder heads all do that. It's normal.
  3. new thought - winds, as in you open the throttle and it just keeps winding up, seemingly without end?

    they have a ludicrously high speed ceiling - again, stay out of the red and everything is normal.
  4. If it's revving out higher than other CBRs then it's possible that one of the previous owners may have somehow disabled the rev-limiter to try and make it go that little bit faster. Also possible that offical imports may have had the rev limiter set higher, since they wouldn't have been subject to the Japanese 40hp limit.
  5. I'd guess that the OP is referring to the whining noise from the gear driven cams. It's normal. If it gets significantly worse you might want to consider taking it to a mechanic, but for the most part it just sounds worse because your head is just above the noise and it's coming in through the bottom of your helmet.
  6. That's spot on dude!! Exactly what LiLEd was referring to...

    He was asking this as when he rides next to my baby blade he couldn't hear any winding from my bike... but that's just coz the Megacycle can is so bloody loud :LOL:
  7. Does the cbr has gear driven cylinder heads.?
  8. As long as we're being pedantic about terminology, I believe what's being referred to is gear-driven camshafts. The question, 'does the cbr HAVE 'gear-driven cams?' is, I guess, the key question. If it does, then the whining noise is normal gear-meshing noise. If it doesn't then perhaps it's a gearbox whine? If it does and the noise is REALLY obtrusive, then perhaps you've got a wear/lubrication problem, and you need to get it looked at, toot sweet.....

    I'd be getting together with someone with the same bike (there's only about 16 million of them on Netrider) and making some comparisons.


    You could just buy earplugs, that way it will only annoy the people around you, mate :LOL:
  9. Wind?

    Charcoal tablets help I hear? :shock: :LOL: :shock: :LOL: :bolt:
  10. My SP2 has gear driven cams and the I am pretty sure the Rvf 400 does as well, but I'm pretty sure the CBR doesn't so you might want to find out where that whining is coming from.
  11. Ok guys ive decided it is normal due to the responses. The Cbr runs cam gears because it can be made more compact, being a DOHC there is an extra gear in there. My understanding from the beging was that due to the fact that the cam gears are a straight cut gears they produce alot of noise. Thats why u will find in some manual cars they will whined in reverse and cars with cam gears do the same. Had this had a timing chain or belt driven it would be quiet. Even if it ran a set up of helical cut gears or spur gears. Cam gears are more reliable than say a belt but the down side is the noise.

    Thanks for the info guys.