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winding sound from front end?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by markwearspants, Dec 27, 2011.

  1. g'day,

    my bike is a 05' cbr600rr. recently I have noticed a pretty strong "winding" sound from what seems to be the front wheel. when i accelerate it almost sounds like a lathe spooling up and if I pull in the clutch while cruising it's pretty loud and clear. happens in any gear and slows down as I apply the brakes and come to a stop.

    i thought it may have been the tyre but just doesn't sound right. all the pressures are correct. the front tyre is still fairly new with around 1,000km on it, never noticed/ heard it before. any suggestions??

  2. bearings? I had a weird noise from my front for a while, turned out to be where the speedo cable attatches to the mudguard was loose and vibrated with travel
  3. sorry forgot to add. bearings are fine. the front was recently off for a front end loom replacement. ill make sure everything is tight
  4. Is your chain at the correct slack?

    Try taking off the wheel and give the bearings some more grease
  5. not that I really have a clue but +1
  6. bearings are packed with grease. everything is tight. still don't know. should I stop riding it? i've been stuffed around so bad by a mechanic lately I was hoping it would be something I can fix
  7. Do you hear anything spinning the front wheel by hand?
  8. getting my paddock stand delivered. I only have a dodgey mechanism that lifts the back end up to oil the chain. hopefully it comes by friday
  9. so couldn't tell you*
  10. Ok, That would be my next check, if you reckon the bearings are ok then look at the brakes. Warped disk, dragging brake pads, calipers touching ...

    Good Luck :)
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