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Winding Back Odd meters on Second hand Bikes - Pls Help

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by murphyjr, May 28, 2006.

  1. I purchased a Kawasaki ZX9R 1995 from a bike shop in the city second hand in September 2005
    The bike has been great, got it at 28000KS, sales guy in the shop told me it was from a friend of his who is a boxer/trainer
    Who only rode it very rarely hence the low number of kilometers travelled

    The speedo was not working on Friday so I had a look around and the cable had come out, no problem I removed the screen and screwed it back in.
    Then I noticed the back of the instrument panel was covered in black duct tape just behind where the oddmeter is

    There is no reason why this is covered up the rest of the instrument looks original.

    The bike cost me $5000 and I have done 10000ks on it

    So learn from this and put look behind the speedo for signs of tampering

    Does any one have any ideas or is there some lawyer out there with experience in this kind of matter.
    Am I allowed to name the dealer on this forum?

  2. What makes you think it's been wound back? As far as I know you don't need to cut anything open to do that.
    Does the bik look or feel like it has a higher milage?
  3. I wouldn't necessarily assume that the odometer has been tampered with, unless the condition of the rest of the bike would indicate a higher mileage than was being shown.

    The bike could have had a broken speedo cable, and needed to have it replaced. It could have had faulty lights in the binnacle which needed replacement. It could have had a slight water leak into the binnacle and the owner/dealer covered it with duct tape to prevent the leak...... etc etc

    If the overall condition of the bike gave you reason to suspect the mileage, perhaps you should not have purchased it in the first place?
  4. Im sure my bike has more than 23000km on it, im absolutely certain the odo has been wound back.

    I dont care though. Buy the bike for the condition its in, not the km on the clock.
    If your happy with the bike, dont worry about it.

    If your not happy with the bike, is it directly related to the km travelled by the bike?
  5. The bike is very good no doubt about that
    When I did the valves there was some wear on the cams whick seemed a bit odd for a bike with low ks on it but I am not a mechanic so its very difficult to be sure

    For me its the principal if this has been altered what else has been done to it.
    Maybe the bikes done 70000ks how can you tell?
    I would not have purchased it with so many ks on the clock so really I have been ripped off by this bike shop
    And if they have ripped me off then I am pretty sure they would have ripped off other people to.
    If you do not exercise your rights and make a stand you will always get ripped off, there is no reason I can think off to accept a tampered vehicle
    Still who else has had this happen to them and what happened?
  6. It sounds like the previous owner disconnected the speedo cable to avoid clocking up too many km's.

    A mate did that to his brand new bike after he hit about 12,000km and kept a note of how many tanks of fuel he'd been through to calculate when the next service/oil filter was due.

    But this dealer sounds like he's talking crap and i'd report him to the Department of Fair Trade as they'd be very interested in how he conducts business. For a start he should have picked up the speedo wasn't working when he issued it with a RWC.
  7. This is a very stupid comment, where is the proof of any of it. How can anyone make such statements without proof. and no where in the original post does it say the speedo wasnt working????? he stated that it stopped working on friday. Now in this instant the autor of the original post said that the spedo cable had unscrewed itself on friday. how do you know this isnt what happened with the original owner and he put taspe on it to try and stop it from happeneing again?

    To the author dont put up his name as you may be looking at a law suit from the bike dealer. for defermation of character
  8. And to answer the question of winding back speedos. it is very simple and takes little time and leaves no trac e that it has been done if you do it right :wink: :wink:
  9. I agree with Bikie, don't go making accusations like this unless you are very very sure of your facts. There could be any number of reasons for the duct tape and even if there is something going on, you do not know for sure who/why/what happened.

    As you say, you are very happy with the bike.
  10. True, although to do it right does involve dismantling the speedo. Winding it forward usually results in the numbers being slightly out of alignment. Of course this is why you should consider more than just the odometer reading when looking at a used bike.
  11. Just a thought did it come with a service manual which would give any idea of mileage when services were done? Also wouldn't low k's be an advantage if/when you sell it?
  12. My speedo cable fell out ,it's only a little screw nut that holds it in.

    I have done under 300km in a month ,with no speedo ,IF i rode it everyday it would have an extra 2000km onit.
    And it wouldn't be the dealers fault ,not knowing it had more KM's than i said i have done with out the speedo working.
    I could leave the cable out for 6 months and no one would of known.
    And i guess ALOT of good riders would take there cable out ,or not fix it if it broke.

    The reason i have only done 300km this month ,im to sceared to ride it ,with speed cameras and not knowing how fast im going into a corner ,im getting it fixed tomorrow.
  13. some one once told me that over %50 of the bikes sold at a dealership are crash rebuilds...

    I belive that...
  14. Which dealership????????
  15. ALL!! of them!!

    But now you can check with Vicroads if the bike was an insurance write off.. and their records go back a fair bit... I'm getting a list of vins from some of my mates that have bought bikes from dealerships and I'm going to check... I know one of the bikes has been wreaten off 3 times but twice it was done by current owner...
  16. If you are relying on your speedo to manage cornering speeds, please take it really easy, you have some way to go before you will be ready to ride "quickly". May I suggest a cornering school. (not takin the piss, this is too serious).
    As for the speed cameras, there are a number of good cycle speedos that will give an accurate reading. My VDO unit was cheap and is accurate. If I'd bothered to look at it, I wouldn't be paying $130 odd for 64 in a 60 zone.

    I don't hold with disconnecting the speedo so you can rip off a fellow motorcyclist in the future. It's not just milage. That sort of dishonesty could lead to the future owner failing to replace a cam chain/belt in time to prevent a catastrophe.
  17. i really dought theywould turn back the millage on it and cover it up with duct tape also. saying you brought from a dealership , they would have done it to other bikes also not just yours.

    They would have got caught by now if they did that , have you rang the bike place up