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Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by lady-in-red, Jun 13, 2005.

  1. Hello everyone

    Wanted to go for a ride today but i haven't ridden in anything this windy . Is there any tips that i need to know . Sorry if this is a silly question.

  2. Hi Tracey..lm not a fan of riding in the wind, scares the bejesus out of me, but lm getting used to it now. Just hang on for grim death and you should be fine...lol.

    What suburb are you in and where are you riding to?
  3. Hi Tracey, you need to learn how to counter steer and lean into the direction of the wind. It's definately an art form but something all riders learn with lots of practise.
  4. Hi Tracey

    I dont like the wind much either, i get blown around everwhere on my 250.... but if you try to relax and just move with the bike rather than being stiff and jurking its alot easier..

    and dont forget to make it an enjoyable ride dont fight it....

  5. i usually just rise on the footpegs a little, and hope my pillion doesn't smell it...

    sorry. :LOL:

    seriously though, the first time I rode in the wind, I thought I was fall off. Now even in pretty strong wind gusts, I don't have many worries - it's just a matter of gently adjusting against the wind a little with a bit of lean angle. Confidence will rise with experience...
  6. On a light bike it's potentially quite dangerous, so take into consideration the strength of the wind before riding. I was out not long ago in very strong winds, and my GPX is particularly prone to wind shear. Add a full tank bag, and I was scared shitless on the freeway!

    Try tucking in a little more, and be prepared to be blown around on the road - ie, leave yourself plenty of space. And don't take off to quickly. A gust of wind while your front wheel isn't loaded is quite harzardous too.
  7. Your bike will kind of start leaning this way and that without your input, but it won't blow you off course if you stay relaxed. Side winds are often unexpected and can give you the willies for a while but don't let 'em stop you from riding, you'll get used to them!

    Coming up the old healesville rd today on a sweeping right hander we copped a lovely gust of wind that pushed us over even deeper into the corner and helped us through. Felt like I had something to rest on.

  8. Personally I like riding in wind. You just lean against the wind and it's just balancing it out. But never stiffen up, and don't try to fight it. Just relax and lean.
  9. Ride nice and relaxed. Let the bike move around a bit, dont shit your pants when it does. If the wind is hitting you from the laft, ride a bit to the laft of the lane so as you have a bit or room. If its hitting you from the right, ride more in the middle of the lane.

    What can happen is say you get hit by a gust on the right, you steer into it, then it stops and you end up swerving right while you straighten up agin (did that make any sense?)
  10. Hello everyone

    Thankyou for all your tips . Didn't make it out on the bike today anyway , went shopping instead . My other interest :D .

  11. Why not do both, shopping on the bike!

    You ride an Across so you have no excuse for space issues :p

  13. Hi Greg

    The boot is good (it is a boot isnt it )but i usually end up with more than will fit in . Might have to get one of those racks for the back .

  14. The boot for the across comes in handy for the ladies to carry stuff , just ask groberts :LOL: .
  15. Remember to use your knees to hang onto the bike, and relax your arms as much as you can.

    My first experience of windy riding was crossing the Westgate bridge on a high-wind day. Not much fun, but you learn pretty quickly!
  16. As with everything there is a limit, so 'ill relate a personal story.
    i was travelling back to Melb from Geelong on the Hwy on a very windy day and my pillion was quite distraught about it.
    She is not a rider and was concerned about being blown off the bike.
    before we had reached Werribee she started hitting my helmut for me to pull over, so i said i would make a detour into Werribee and stop.
    Once off the bike i explained to her that it's impossible to be blown off and that she had nothing to worry about.
    But i waited for over an hour before setting off again homeward bound
    ( the wind gusts had died a little )
    Arrived home safely, had dinner, put the news on and was left speechless not knowing what to say to her when the news reader said " this afternoon a police officer was blown off his bike while crossing the Westgate Bridge " we had crossed the bridge not more than an hour earlier :?
    MY THOUGHTS on it : stay relax as people has mentioned above and look to where you want to go, you'll end up leaning automatically as a gust hits you, BUT stop if it really does feel unsafe.

    Cheers ratty ( aka Paul )
  17. I remember a trip i did one year from Melbourne to Brisbane being extremely windy most of the way. The first couple hours were so windy in fact that i was limited to 80 km/h maximum! It was just too dangerous to go any faster. Plus my bike (Hornet 900) didn't make things much easier, windblast is always a factor on nakeds.
    After the first full day (stayed in Dubbo o/night) my hands were blistered from fighting the wind and my neck muscles looked like Arnies!!
    Then the next day i was just an hour or so from Moree when a huge thunderstorm hit. The wind picked up and was gusting across the road so hard that it would shove me from one side of the road to the other (line to line!!). Add in a copious amount of rain, as well as lightning strikes to the ground around me, and you can say that i was happy that i had chosen my brown undies for the ride!!!!
    Riding in strong winds isn't much fun at all! :cry:
  18. Worst wind I ever encountered was a ride down to Phillip Island about three weeks before the WSBKs this year. I was testing the waters, seeing if I could ride to the island for the WSBKs. The wind was blowing straight across Bass Strait and when I got about 25km from the Island the surrounding area becomes flat. Winds gusts of about 80km were initially hitting me from the front, I could physically feel the bike slowing as the wind hit me head on. When the road turned and the gusts hit me from the side, the first time it happened it was a brown trouser incident but one you get the counter steering and lean sorted out, it's not too bad.
  19. When I was on the CB250 wind was always an issue, due mainly to a small light weight bike with 20hp. However, my biggest "fear" if you like was always riding in strong gusty (worst, cross winds) on a wet road. Always had the impression that the bike would be pushed out from under me due to the slippery roads. Haven't had the chance to see what the Triumph feels like under similar conditions yet, but this is something I've not really heard talked about, but is probably what scared the crap out of me when I started riding. What are people's thoughts on wet windy riding?