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Wind turbine catastrophic failure

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Ljiljan, Oct 23, 2012.

  1. I suspect cause of failure is along the lines of the de Havilland swallow crashes.
  2. ..too windy??..... 8-[
  3. Those things are not made to spin that fast. They're f'ing huge.

    They have brakes on them that're supposed to engage at a certain RPM. Looks to me like the brakes were offline/dead.
  4. The G Forces on those blades would be extreme,

    A 2 metre Aluminium blade lengthens 5 mm at 250 RPM,
  5. Depends on the cross section doesn't it?
  6. That'll buff out.

    Reminds me of some of the first windfarms in NZ. Wind speed data was collected and sent to the design team in the US so they could design something to withstand a kiwi gale. The yanks sent the data back with a note saying that the measurement were wrong 'cos there was no way it was that windy. Guess they never flew into Wellington airport in a cross-wind.

    From memory they ended up going with Danish designs... For better or worse if this vid is any guide.
  7. Wind turbines do need to have their speed regulated, and if not locked down in strong winds will rip themselves apart.

    Of course they also burn good.

    Which is certainly a concern for Australia given the turbine owners here aren't responsible for any secondary fires started (and have a policy to just let them burn).
  8. sustainable energy? pfftt
  9. Id love to see the hugeass turbine at newcastle spin that fast. Those blades are so long they move stupidly fast at the tips even going slow!
  10. Yeah me too. You might get one light bulb lit up.
  11. If the turbine was still connected to the generator while going that fast, I think you'd get slightly more than one light bulb lit. For a fraction of a second. And then nothing at all as every fuse in the area pops it's cherry.
  12. Aww cmon everyone knows the one in newcastle is actually a big powered fan and thats where the nice onshore or offshore breezes come from!
  13. 2/10. Would snore again. A++++
  14. Pitching moment on reaching critical mach number? Stepping through frame by frame, the whole blade seems to break up instantaneously.

    I would have thought the blades would be feathered in high winds, rather than being mechically breaked.
  15. Feathering and electric braking is used to stop the blades, a mechanical brake is what keeps them stopped. It's the failure of this mechanical brake which has caused wind turbines to then rip themselves apart.

    Of course the mechanism for feathering the blades can also fail.

    Put simply wind turbines are a solution to a political problem, not an environmental one.