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Wind topic again, almost ended in tears

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Sweeris, Oct 18, 2007.

  1. Today on the way to uni I decided to go past yarra blvd for a lap or two and found that it was abit windy. I decided to go abit slower (70kph rather than 75kph).

    On one of (long right) the turns I found that on entering the turn there was no wind at all. I just set up for the turn normally. Speed,look,lean. As soon as I got everything set up nicely a huge gust of wind from the right pushed my bike up towards the upright and I started to run wide(not enough lean and wind). So I'd just lean my body harder and counter steer abit more to get the lean angle back. By the time I did that the tyres was just crossing the line for the pushbikes. But I had enough lean to pull my bike back on to the road before I got too far into the bike lane. Has anyone been through something like this? I'd never expected to happen like this...

    Also one time I was on the fwy near balarat on windy day and found that I can turn left with a slight lean to the right when there's really strong crosswinds (from the right). That kinda felt strange. It also felt like I couldnt control the turn....

  2. Must have been a calm day. When you've got serious lean just to keep the bike in a straight line that's when you know it's windy. It's definitely something to be aware of though - there was a CBR250 rider killed around this way a couple of years back when a wind gust pushed them into the side of a bridge.
  3. the other weekend i took a right hand 75km/h sweeper leaning left...
    how do you like them apples? :LOL:
  4. Oh sorry, I was going to suggest "de-gass" or maybe charcol :p
  5. I have had the wind nearly push me into the gutter, was fkn scary shit
  6. #6 Seany, Oct 19, 2007
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    Don't worry. The cyclists don't pay any attention to that line so I can see any reason why we should. :)

    Example of blind cyclists at Poser's coner and 4:00min into the flick. :wink:
    Seriously, I've ridden through packs of lycra clad twits 7 abreast on that road (no I don't slow down, I honk and reach out my spankin hand) so the odd transgression into their lane is no big deal. :)
  7. Aaaahhh Vic, you are a bad man.
  8. My first experience with a cross wind left me wondering how I got to the other side of the road so quickly - I was doing about 90 clicks heading out to Scoresby... I've learnt to love the cross wind now :)
  9. Wind :p
    I just learn to deal with it ....

  10. pah, i was riding down to Wollongong a week ago, down Mount Ousley Road (http://www.ozroads.com.au/NSW/Freeways/MtOusley/mtousley.htm) when a gust of wind almost caused me to be highsided over the concrete barrier, into the oncoming traffic. In the lane next to me was a line of trucks too...

    Then again, crashing might have been less painful then the math test i was going to...
  11. I was on the highway one day doing 110 leaning right into a left sweeper - oh boy did that scare the shit out of me :shock:.
  12. Thats why I go down Bulli pass when riding home.. :p
  13. Wind is a big factor, unless the weather is completely calm I ride far more conservatively incase of a cross wind. I was blown across 3 lanes of traffic once during the huge winds we had in Autumn. Luckily it happened on a one way road. Never again!
  14. i could go up/down mount keira road, but it's not really going to be much better, and it'll take longer.
  15. yeah I guess :) My p's test in 2 weeks is in the gong, I think they're going to take us up mt kiera.. should be interesting :p hope it isn't windy.
  16. Charcoal tablets FTMFW! :LOL:

    Regards, Andrew.
  17. hey sweeris, no more issues....

    your bike is officially a naked! :p :LOL:
  18. Yup sure is.... :LOL:
  19. yeah I'm still rather shaken in crosswinds

    had my girl on the back of my 250 coming back from melbourne via yea to shepparton around the start of the year, (really nice ride mind you) but we were cruising along and was getting really windy then a gust came and blew us across the other lane and into the gravel sholder, lucky I was quick enough on the breaks to pull it up before we lost it in the shoulder and there was no traffic around, but it all happened so quickly.

    I've ridden in winds like that before (but never with a pinion) so out of saftey called my dad to pick us up with the trailer from seymour.

    I guess having a little light bike possibly wouldn't have helped in that situation (a bigger bike would be harder to "move" with wind) but I'm still coming to grips riding in strong crosswinds, I just slow down (not too much to hold up any traffic) but to be able to still control the bike if there is a wind gust etc :) and touch wood, I've never come off thanks to wind.

    My mate nick did on the snowy ride a few years ago, around a corner gust of wind pushed him upright halfway through the corner and off the left shoulder he went, only a few scrapes on the bike etc and he was fine if just a little shaken from it.