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Wind screens

Discussion in 'Cruisers' at netrider.net.au started by rod, Aug 6, 2008.

  1. Was wondering how to choose a screen for my cruiser, sizes etc. I am thinking I might get a quick release type for next winter and long trips. Don't want to buy one and have buffeting problems.

  2. Best to search for people with the same bike type as yours and get recommendations. Keep in mind a lot of people don't like to admit they bought a hunk of junk so they may play it up a bit.
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  4. I had a cruise on a M50 tuesday, 350 K's and had no troubles with buffeting.
    had rain-ex on the screen and the water washed of to the sides not into my face
  5. Thanks 64kym, I know this forum and Volusiariders.com, but would like to see if anyone local has done the screen and see how it looks and ask about any problems. Don't want to spend $3-400 and find it is not want I want.
  6. Try eagle screens. Cheap and effective.
  7. Signs_96_DZB2GF. Eaglescreens

    Sample Eaglescreens packaging giggle.



    Sample Eaglescreens pricing giggle.


    From:"Eagle Screens Australia" <eaglescreens@eftel.com.au>

    Date: Friday, June 01, 2007 11:42AM
    Subject: Re: Kawasaki

    Gedday Mick

    We make a Race for $85 (2mm clear only for race fairings in either
    Standard or Double Bubble shape) Standard for $125


    Windlip for $130 *pics included in email*

    Double Bubble for $140 *pics included in email*

    Touring for $155 (High Contour with Windlip) *pics included in email*

    That's for any colour Tint or Clear that you like although Dark Tint often
    looks the best.

    We can also supply an Imported Iridium double bubble screen for $140


    Once made, delivery is by Overnight Airbag for $17.50 which includes in-transit
    insurance against breakage.

    Ordering can be online via email and payment can be made by Credit Card or
    Direct Deposit. Credit Card payment attracts a 2% surcharge though.

    Please note that this quote will remain current for 14 days.

    Thanks for your enquiry.

    From USA:

    1 x new Puig Racing Dark Tint Double Bubble:
    * Constructed of 3mm thick, durable, scratch resistant polycarbonate
    * Laser-cut precision fit
    * Raised secondary bubble for maximum wind protection
    * Delivery 5 days

    $AU86.80 & you can still get em for less than that.


    Eaglescreens $140
    Overseas $87

    Waited 1 day longer & kept $53 in my pocket for other mods.
    Unless you're loaded, best you do the research like I do Rod approval.

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  8. I don't think eaglescreens would improve the look of Rod's cruiser.
    most of the screen seem to be suited to sports bikes not cruisers :-k

    Has anyone had any experience with Switchblade 2 Up Windshields. these are quick removal if you want the no windshield look and are very tough. check out the demo on ZPOWER. http://www.zpower.com.au/catalog/product_info.php/cPath/306_383/products_id/2799 very impressive.
  9. I had a national cycle one on my M50 cost $200 ,it was the best $200 I've spent on mod for a bike.
    Goes on and off in 20 seconds and its can be ajusted a 1000 different ways ,so buffering it not a problem you just got the find that spot ,from trail and error ,look me about 1 hour.

    If your local riding take it off.
    If your doing a 10 hour day put it on.

    If your going away for a few day via the freeway ,put it on and best off all its pretty small and undo it ,click off the arms ...total 30 seconds and slip a T shirt over it so it does get scratched and put in in you saddle bag and ride the twisties with the wind in you hair.
    And its plain plastic you can't really tell its there half the time ,from being behind it or looking at the bike.
  10. What size screen did you have Sled? I like the National cycle quick release idea.
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  12. Hi Pok

    The same Puig w/screen I bought is now $AU105.40 includes shipping
    but there are many other sellers who have the same screen.

    I only buy from powersellers, but there are heaps of sellers so getting
    one for less $$ is easily done. You just have to look.

    eg. This one from PIT-ECK is $AU61.80 includes shipping. I've bought
    from them as well.
  13. you'll only get buffeti8ng if the screen is not set up properly, or at the wrong angle. Mine was chronic until i straightened the screen a bit, and it's fine now!
  14. Hi Rod,
    I agonised over a screen for my VN1600 for quite a while. Eventually purchased a National Cycles screen via www.cruisercustomizing.com. You can search by entering your bike model and then looking at screens which the have for your specific model. They have all the main manufacturers. Under each screen type you can read "member reviews" on the product which will give you a heads-up on the good and bad features of each.

    You can buy from the US and ship to Australia for far less than you can buy here. I went for the Heavy Duty Touring screen for the VN because of my height. I wanted a screen with a fair bit of adjustment so I could get it just right. And by the way: don't buy a screen without the "Lowers" (wind deflectors). I did, and could not comfortably use the screen until I placed a second order for the Lowers. best wishes with your selection. Let us know what you pick! :)