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Wind screen - bolt on to fit vtr 250

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Aaron, Nov 25, 2005.

  1. I need a wind screen for my vtr 250, one that would bolt onto the handle bars for a 400km ride, I know Im asking for problems with that distance on a naked bike but Id like to give it a go.

    Any one seen any generic bolt onto handle bar wind screens in your travels ?

    the wind screen would come off after the ride and be used a few times a year.
  2. You might be better off checking the dealerships. A friend of mine has a vtr 250 and he got a standard screen for it. He said he didn't notice much difference. He's also 6'2 so he can't duck into it too much.

    The furthest I've travelled in 200k's on a naked bike. The trip there was ok, coming back was a bit windy and started to get a sore neck.
  3. You can get generic screens from http://www.shaggydogfairings.com/. I looked into one for the Spada. Would cost about $250 including brackets. Everybody is different, but now I don't think I need one, I did about 700kms to Phillip Island and rides with friends in one weekend and didn't really have any trouble.
  4. I just picked one up from the local shop yesterday for the GS and hubby put it on last night, so I can't tell you whether it has made a difference yet or not...I suffer from ducks disease, so it should make a wee bit of difference.

    Here's another link you may like to check out


    Good luck!
  5. I've never seen a 250VTR with a screen. Why would you want one? Is it for looks or is there some practicle reason. Does anyone have any pics?
  6. If you look on the website I posted you will see pictures of a black VTR with one on.
  7. I bought a bikini fairing from Road Rocket (West Melbourne) after seeing photos of it on xoraak's bike - maybe he can help with photos?!!...
    At freeway speed, it helps in deflecting wind off the chest but the head still cops a lot of it (maybe more?!!)...

    By "handle bar wind screens", do you mean big ones like these?
    Those would probably help in deflecting wind off the chest and head, maybe they are the ones you are after?...
  8. why do you reckon its asking for trouble? go back 20 years, and screens were very few and far between :wink: i have no problems doing a 400+km ride on a naked bike, and i'm sure many others will tell you that 1000+ is still no real problem (you'll have cheeks of steel after that tho :LOL: ).

    dont stress about a screen too much, if you havn't done a 400k ride before, you'll be MUCH more worried about your butt than a little wind. if it really worries you tho, try peter stevens or any other accessory shop. should set you back around $100 give or take....
  9. My VTR250 has a screen - looks sooooo much better, but i'm a girl and appearance matters :p

    I have done a few long rides and found that if I crouch down behind it (I'm only a little girl) the wind factor decreases immensely. Also, it saves some of the bug splatter on my jacket and from the "dash".

    I can email some pics tonight if you wish to see them.
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  11. Last summer I regularly did a 600km+ loop on my vtr250 and like Coconuts said, the problem will be your butt, not the wind.
  12. I want to ride from adelaide to mildura, 400kms or so, alot of the country is flat and open and the wind/dry heat knocks me around a bit.
  13. Have a look at the Givi Airstars - http://www.givi.it/caschi_borse_bauli_accessori.asp?cat=69&lang=en.

    I ordered mine from my local dealership and it wasn't too expensive. I only had a smallish model but it definitely made a difference over the longer distances, helps to reduce fatigue from the wind, as well as the bug splatter!

    Personally, I didn't have any numb-bum on the vtr250 (I have a little bit of my own padding there! LOL), but you can always get a sheepskin cover for the seat to help with that too. A few places make them for the VTR - Goodwool, sheepy hollow etc.
  14. 1st post in this forum :d

    I bought a vtr250 last month and ordered the honda screen with it. But the screen arrived late so I've ride the bike for 2 weeks without the screen.

    The screen make a bit for different. It's less wind noise with the screen, and it does make riding on highway a bit easiler.



  15. Welcome to the forum mate, another Queenslander, great!

    Screen looks good, you need just a little wind-break on a naked bike, eh?
  16. i'll agree with port80 on this one - the shaggy dog is the best looking one i've seen so far.

    the screen and rear hugger is on my wishlist though i don't know how long i'm going to have to wait...
  17. those old stone fairings look awful on a modern bike IMHO. Get something more suited to it. Those things are meant for 70's superbikes. my experiences of having one on a bike in the early 80's was that they do nothing to make the trip more comfortable. get a more modern deflector shield which will actually do a bit. I have a copy of Buell one, which works well, cost me $60 from the guy Shaggy Dog bought the molds from (I was there the day they were picking them up). He may still have that one. Not sure how the price went up by $70 in the move. links to pics of the screen on my bike:


  18. I run a VTR 250 with an after market fairing. Probably cuts wind by maybe 10%. Certainly helps but its a clean bike so it ain't no sportster or tourer, I run up an back from Wangaratta to Albury every day thats an hour each trip, two hours a day. I've been over the top of Hotham, Omeo to Lakes Entrance from Wangaratta and to the Mornington Peninsula. It does get a little gusty, but then I'm on a bike not a car. I absolutely love riding, and at 37 to start I should have done it when I was 17. Got 20 years to catch up on. So everywhere is an experience and the more of that you get the longer you get to stay on the plant........sorry I digress. Fairing = optional, it helps. 400km trip. Piece of p#@$%.