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wind noise??

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by greaser, Sep 12, 2007.

  1. hi guys just wondering if anyone has used a "windjammer" helmet accessory to reduce wind noise?

  2. The only "windjammer" helmet accessory I use is earplugs :LOL:
    10$ from the chemist a set of 3 reusable washable ones.. :wink:
  3. I, um, "find" them at work.
  4. lol yes people always seem to misplace them at work lol
  5. What speeds to you need to be traveling at for the noise to be loud enought to do damage?
    I mainly travel at the usual 60k/r and have no issues, so I assume this is highway users?
  6. For me, it depends on the length of the ride, not the speed. Anything more than a five-minute run to the shops and I'll put plugs in.
  7. You can get squishy ear plugs with a string attached so you don't lose them. Can a neck sock help? I haven't got one yet, so I have no idea. Husband swears by the ear plugs when he's not playing music!
  8. Neckwarmers dont do a lot. Ear plugs are the best insurance for your ears you can get.

    I've got a pair of Earmolds and wear them all the time, awesome.
  9. So are you guys riding with your visor up or closed?

    Ive noticed the noise gets bad soon after 60k/r. But seems acceptable at 60k/r
  10. Visor down in all but stop start traffic and MP3 player almost always on. A quiet lid helps alot here.
  11. I have used one. I found it didnt help alot however I think it depends on the helmet. I had it with a KBC VR2 - one of the worst wind noise helmets on the market so it may have been a little quieter but the over all noise level was so high that it didnt matter.

    I changed helmets, mostly for comfort as much as noise as I also use the soft silicon ear plugs after trying around 20 different sorts of plugs and now rarely go far without them in.
  12. pete, which ear molds do you use? (soz, I can't PM yet, too new a forum member) I'm interested in getting a pair professionally made as my ears (as well as my head) are an unusual shape. :) Who can I go see.. is there such thing as a hearing doctor? :wink: LoL