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wind noise

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by pil, Jan 11, 2007.

  1. I posted a whilw ago about the effects of wind noise on your hearing after devloping a ring in my ear after a relativly short (4 hours) ride . What I want to know is how do you stop the wind noise because I find Im not enjoying my riding as much because of it. I ride a naked 06 sv650 so I know thats some of the prob but I think I need a bigger sceen and maybe invest in a new helmet that is rated to be fairly quiet like the new bmw one thats rated to 70 odd db. Any info that you guys have would be much appreciated to get me back riding as much as possible and not just my commute to and from. By the way I always wear ear plugs now.

    Cheers Pil
  2. If you already wear ear-plugs AND a full-face helmet with the visor down, then all that's left is to buy a Goldwing, dude :)
  3. Custom-moulded earplugs might help cut a lot more noise than regular foam ones. I've never got any myself, so I can't say how good they are, or how much they might cost, but a quick search brings up a few places that make them.

    If the wind noise is bothering you that much it could be worthwhile making some inquiries.
  4. Mm. One suggestion would be to make sure that you're inserting the earplugs properly. I'm sure you are, but lots of people on-site don't know how to correctly insert them (they just kinda squoosh them against their ear rather than rolling them into a tight cylinder, sliding them in until their finger is against their ear, and waiting for the plug to seal).

    There's a massive difference between earplugs sorta resting in your ears, and earplugs properly sealing the ear canal.
  5. I had some custom plugs made up a while ago from a hearing clinic in Gardenvale, they have filters in them that lets you hear audible sounds like voices and supposed to block out louder noises that will do damage to your hearing, theres still a constant level of wind noise but its reduced alot and makes riding alot more enjoyable. The downside was the expense, they cost just over $140, I've since found out you can get solid moulded plugs for around $60, I believe the brand is Earmold but I dont know where to get them, ask around, I'm sure someone out there knows more about them,

    enjoy the ride

  6. Earmold Insta-mold earplugs, http://www.earmold.com.au/content/view/19/39/ from SportBike. 1300 793 423. Sorry, I don't have any other details. I got mine made at the Melbourne Motorcycle Expo.

    They cut back the noise quite well. Unfortunately the exhaust note is quietened as well as the wind noise. I find them quite comfortable to wear for long periods.

    Other than that, buy a quiet helmet like a good Shoei, perhaps the BMW. 70dB is pretty good, if it is correct.
  7. Hmmm - noticed something today!

    Took a pillion for a quick burn today - gave her my Dainese jacket and I wore a Honda pit-crew wind-cheater just to keep warm.

    I noticed with the looser clothing that a lot more noise was created by the wind :eek:
    Obviously the material flapping - but it's doing it so fast it makes a constant sound.

    ... so, if you have a loose fitting dry rider or something - maybe try wearing a jumper underneath to tighten things up a bit, and if that works and it really bothers you - maybe get some more snug fitting gear.
  8. when it gets cold enough again, try wearing a thick scarf or something - i have a thick skiers neck warmer which is a thick loop of polarfleece. that stops a huge amount of noise.. the noise - for me - comes from turbulance from around the bottem edge of the helmet, so this collar thing neatly baffles that...
  9. Hi
    I'd suggest having one made to fit your ear - easy to put on and comfortable - very important. Get it with a 'flat' outer piece - important - can't over insert (then becoming uncomfortable). Whether you have it solid or with a filter up to you. I chose the filtered one - got to hear something (a little safety aspect). Even then, clothing can have a bearing. Last but not least is the helmet. I have different helmets and one sounded a heck of a lot louded even at lower speed than another - at higher speed!

    Hope it helps.

    Oh, and have your hearing tested (get a 'free' one done) and ask for a printout - for your own records - as a baseline as to how much it has deteriorted as you get older, etc.

  10. Thanks for that link mate, been looking for a pair of high quality molded ear plugs. I need them for riding as well all the gig shooting I do. It's quite loud standing on the edge of a stage with the PA + the foldback + all the amps
  11. There is a difference in noise levels with helmets, reviews point to the Shoei XR1000 and the Shark RSR2 as two of the better. The BMW system 5 helmet made by Shubert is claimed to be 85db but its really heavy. Try web bike world for some reviews - many others on the net. I purchased a Shark RSR and it is amazingly quite compared to the last two KBC helemts I have owned, more comfy and lighter as well.

    As for ear plugs as stated above many people never get them to seal properly - I can vouch for this as I rarely can get foam plugs to seal and stay sealed 100%. I am using the re-useable silicon ones now for this reason but still searching all the foam plugs for ones that fit me - one size does not fit all as is often thourght.
  12. Hey pil howya doing? Long time no see

    Earmold for about $60 should see you right. You have to go out to Blacktown to get them fitted Call Joanne on 0418 605 671
  13. Thanks for all the replies. I have made a point of finding out the right way to put the plugs in so they actually work like you said they cant just be squashed into ya ear , ear mold will be my next investigation. secondly the type of clothing that you wear has a bearing on how the wind noise is. Third I have been experimenting with foam to stop the wind noise from coming up the front of the chin peice on the helmet with a little succsess. It seem that its complicated to solve the problem because all riders and their bikes are vastly different so one solution doent fit all. I have also changed screens on the bike for not much difference which was strange because the first screen was twice the size of the second. All in all Im a bit stumped as how to go from here but one things for sure I has made me super aware of how delicate your hearing is and to take all precautions you can to protcte yourself. Once again thanks for all the replies I will keep ya updated on my progress to eliminate wind noise as much as possible. Cheers Pil