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Wind noise

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by ascottaudio, Dec 2, 2011.

  1. I am just getting back into riding a was today reminded about wind noise while I was out for a ride.

    I was trying to detect where it was mainly coming from and it seemed to me to be from around the neck area or bottom of the helmet..

    Any suggestions as to how to reduce wind noise in the helmet?

  2. ear plugs
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  4. Reducing your pickle and soft drink intake.
  5. Gee 4 posts before a fart joke, you guys are slipping. ;)

    To the OP: Seriously ear plugs.
  6. I love that it was Pat that "dropped it" though...

    If earplugs don't work for the OP (they hurt my ears too...), bridging the gap between collar and helmet will help - a neck-sock in winter, and a biker's mask in summer...
  7. You can buy chin curtains for come brands of helmets. I have one for my Shoeii XR1000
    from when I used to ride where it was cold.
    It lessens the noise by keeping a bunch of wind out. It also increases fogging for the same reason

    Does your bike have a screen? Where you're head is in relation to the screen makes a big difference
  8. Thanks for the info guys..I think the "wind Jammer" is what I am after.

  9. I'd be interested to see exactly how they fit, stay on and work. But LOL at their horrific name... :/
  10. Yeah I got a pair of waterproof pants that will hold a fart in for a good 20 minutes - I like to wait until I'm at my desk before casually slipping them off and giving them a good shake...
    Nothing like baking one off along the freeway :D
  11. I noticed if I have a neck warmer on, the wind noise is reduced dramatically with addition of ear plugs/in hear head phones. With neck warmer gone...there is much more wind turbulence noise. I found out after I had an itchy neck and realised the noise was reduced, so I rode for a few kilometers with one hand around my neck along the freeway...I think people though I was choking myself.
  12. chin curtain
    and natural ear wax
  13. ....I just turn the music up!! ...:music:
  14. box of 200 ear plugs is about $30 from RSEA, that'll keep you sorted for a long time!
  15. Ear plugs! Seriously!
  16. If your not wearing ear plugs you are not ATTGATT.

    Like any other ATTGATT component it is your call whether to use it or not but you risk serious ear damage if you don't.
  17. 1.Hope it's not your old fav helmet.
    2.Does the one you have fit properly?

    1. No
    2. Yes
    3. Ear plugs. It's summer.
  18. I am preparing the ipod for use once I feel Ive done enough riding on the new bike to feel ok with it..that plus the windjammer should do the trick..

    For me it will be a matter of getting a good "mix" of what I want to hear..my bike..the outside world and some music..and less wind noise..

  19. That's some quality waterproof pants you must have, would make you very popular in the office too....
    But ewwwwwwwwww haha
  20. i use a windjammer as well. it blocks that quiet a bit a noise, but not all.

    I tried ear plugs as well, but they pretty much block everything out and i'd rather be able to listen to some outside noise as well :)