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Wind in my willows. (Wind)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by BRK, Feb 21, 2008.

  1. Went for ride today, was quite windy, i never really noticed, but today i got blown around like a small pice of fairy floss. I was travelling at about 90km/ph, and still is was difficult to keep the bike straight.

    Any tips for riding with a cross-wind? Does anyone avoid riding when its really winding?

    Today i could have almost used my bike to glide from the top of koziousko.


  2. I frequently get thrown around by the wind on my cbr250rr.
    I have tried numerous things to counteract it, but have found that sticking your knee out works the best. It seems to break the wind before it hits the bike...beware thoug, it sure makes for a cold knee!!!
  3. Opposite rudder and bank into wind.... no wait that is planes.

    Run a search on wind, should be a few threads. General consensus is grip the tank with your knees and keep your upper body nice and relaxed.

  4. as Toya said ..
    also crouch down, and most importantly .. relax your arms.
    Don't do the death grip thing with the handlebars.
    ... :wink:
    .. Just passing advice I was given, and works for me
  5. Watch the trees ahead (if there are any) as it gives you a good indication of the crosswind that you're about to hit.

    Have had some hairy rides where I've had to lean into the insane crosswind only to have it disappear, then having to quickly correct the lean before riding off the road !
  6. Blowing a fair gust on the way home from work this evening .
    :shock: It's all good ... trying to keep the bike inside the lane whilst rounding a sweeper was a pain in the butt.