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Wind in my face

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by SilverR, Jan 11, 2015.

  1. Hello from melbourne. Newbie on L and loving every minute of it. Looking to brush up on skills and meet like minded riders.

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  2. welcome aboard :] Saturday practice is the place to go for a catch up
  3. Thanks Jeffco. Saw the upcoming ride on 17th but unfortunately away for the weekend. Looking forward to future saturday practise.
  4. Welcome to the forum and a lifetime of addiction!

    Hope the weather in Melbourne allows you to ride around!
  5. Thanks GeorgeO. I know what you mean about addiction .... just hearing sound of bikes exhaust notes from far away feels like a call to jump on my bike and feel the wind in my face.
  6. Welcome mate, what are you riding?
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    SilverRSilverR - welcome to the forum!
  8. Welcome to NR from Adelaide.
  9. Hi chilibutton ... i'm riding a yamaha mt07 in matt grey.
  10. Welcome to the forum SilverR, I bet you're going to get out as much as you can on your new toy, and why wouldn't you? Enjoy :D
  11. Thanks Jaytee, Eric and Ned. Yup ... enjoying the new experiences as much as possible. Building up kms on weekday commutes and head up mt dandenong on weekends.
  12. Hounded by a tail gater for first time today. Stress!
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  13. Welcome to NR...
  14. Yes those yellow L's attract a certain type of driver. Two options, let them by if possible or use your acceleration to put some buffer vehicles between you and them. As you are a learner, letting them by is probably the best strategy at the moment.
  15. Welcome SilverRSilverR and hello from another L noob. I know what you mean as I had my first tailgater the other day at 90kpm. It is stressful, but as cjvfrcjvfr said, give them every opportunity to pass without endangering yourself.
  16. This is in a 50kmh neighbourhood road with speed humps and roundabouts. No where to let him pass. After 1km or more which felt like ages ... he finally turned right at a junction and i went left. Relieved!
  17. Thanks for the pointers ... wanted to let him pass but no chance on a single lane 50kmh zone. Had to endure the torture for what felt like eternity.
  18. Thanks. Learning a lot from NR.
  19. Welcome SilverRSilverR from a fellow newbie! Reading from your tailgating experience reminds me of that time when I was learning how to drive. What my uncle told was "we are all tax payers and everyone should be equal on the road. As long as you're sticking to speed limit, you don't need to worry who's behind you. They hit you, their fault."
    Makes sense I guess but just like what everyone had said, we still need to be extra careful on a bike.
  20. Hi Cris, welcome to NR. It's their fault but i could be the one lying in hospital. On a bike, there is nothing to protect us except our own skills. Ride safe.