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'Wind gust' kills motorcyclist

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by pete, Oct 5, 2006.

  1. http://www.theage.com.au/news/national/wind-gust-kills-motorcyclist/2006/10/05/1159641421510.html

    'Wind gust' kills motorcyclist

    A motorcyclist has died in rural Victoria after a wind gust caused him crash his bike, police believe.

    The accident happened on Digby Road, Hamilton, 295km west of Melbourne, about 11.20am yesterday, police said.

    Police say the 38-year-old Hamilton man was rounding a bend when a wind gust forced him into the gravel shoulder, where he lost control.

    The man's bike struck a fence and he was thrown from the motorcycle when it flipped as it crossed a raised driveway.

    He was treated at the scene by paramedics and initially taken to Hamilton Hospital. He later died on the way to a Melbourne hospital. The man's name has not been released.

    His death took Victoria's road toll to 247, 20 fewer than at the same time last year.

  2. well - time to start strapping lead to the two fiddy!
  3. damn...
  4. That does suck. And i've been knocked around by wind but to send you for six that must have been one bad pocket of air. :(
  5. It's interesting they were able to determine that a wind gust caused the accident.

    I'm surprised they didn't just blame excessive speed... :roll:
  6. Damn... I'm not a big fan of the wind.. condolence to the victims family
  7. Scarey stuff. I highly doubt wind was the only factor in play, I'd say not slowing down enough to compensate for anything that might go wrong was what did it.
  8. That was my first thought also, I wonder how the determined wind was the deciding factor? Maybe the truck driver was interviewed??
  9. Just reread the article
    What truck driver???????????? :shock:
  10. Ah, well i didn't read the article!! :p

    Was just assuming since I thought it would have to be a truck to generate that much wind.
  11. That sucks - must admit I've come close to having the same thing happen to me a couple of times. It's incredible how powerful some wind gusts can be, especially when there's nothing around to block them (much of Western Victoria is very flat and empty).
  12. Had it happen to me once, except the death part... Was going round a right hand corner, slightly down hill at about 120km. Wind blew me to the edge of the corner where I stood the bike up and went into the grass. Luckily it was near the end of the corner and I managed slow down and just keep going through the grass and back onto the road. If I'd gone off earlier I would have gone up a slight bank, through a barbed wire fench and into a dense bunch of pine trees.

    The heart was beating pretty quick after that one!
  13. ain't that the truth. within the first month of buying my 250 i went across the Westgate Bridge and got blown over almost 3 lanes and barely made it back for the turnoff in time. had no idea how far i needed to lean over to compensate!

    went to Phillip Island for the first time on the 600 for the GP recently and it's the first time i've ever been down to the island and not been buffetted around by wind. amazing how solidly that thing sticks. fkn luvit'!!!

    i'd be interested to know what he was riding. i think 250's should be banned! i was interested in how may 400's there were in London. i can't remember what the story was but i think that's what they get as their beginner bike... anyone ???
  14. riding in yesterdays blusterly northerly was an experience blowing from one side of the lane ot the other. and thatwas just on main north road and grand junction rd!

    always sad to hear of another riders death.
  15. :shock: *cries and crawls under his desk* Well there go my plans to lose the extra weight I've put on for the ladies... 3 serves of Deep Fried Camembert please! Condolences to the family, sounds like an awful way to go, suddenly losing control like that :(
  16. I hate the hamilton-digby road !!!

    Condolances to the guys family and watch out when on those underpowered underweight bikes that they make us ride.
  17. I was just out today (northern Vic) on my 250 and the ****ing wind was giving the bike a shove and that was only at 70kms on a straight road.
    Damn wind was hammering me, then dropping off completely, then suddenly hammering me again...

    My sympathy to the family :(
  18. RIP mate
  19. What a terrible way to go, RIP mate! :cry:
    I have been in a few bad windy situations myself and they sure aint much fun. Once when i was on my way to Brisbane from Melbourne, i came across a severe storm outside Moree. Rain was pelting down and the wind was blowing a gale. The worst part about it all was how hard and fast the gusts came across the road, being wet didn't help any either. One gust hit me with such force that it pushed me and my bike from one edge of the road to the other. Luckily for me i managed to stay on the road as well as that no cars were coming the other way. Add lots of lightning to the equation and it made for one of the scariest rides i've ever had.
    Constant winds aren't so bad, it's the strong gusting kind that you gotta look out for.
  20. damn that'd suck. wind gusts have hit me a couple of times, not with enough force to make me loose control - but i've sh!t myself more than once! not fun indeed.