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Wind deflector

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by RussellDP, Sep 4, 2016.

  1. I wonder if anyone has got something like one of these that they have had some good success with?

    Ive got a new Versys and the one thing that annoys me is the airflow around my helmet...im quite tall so thats not helping. And its just a quite loud wind rumble at anything above 50 kph.

    Or if anyone had one laying around that I would be able to borrow/buy maybe? Screenshot_20160904-101510.

  2. I don't have a versys, but there are similar issues with the Vstrom. My solution was to push the screen as low as possible, and the bottom of the screen as far out as possible, allowing my head to be in clean airflow. The Givi Airflow screen is the Vstrom deflector of choice, but I haven't been game to pay the dollars for one....yet.

    The root cause of the problem is eddies shedding off the top of the screen and hitting your helmet, probably about eye level. Some helmets have less issues than others, but the only real solution is to either destroy the eddies with some sort of edging , or push them up over your helmet, or down below the helmet.

    I guess your solution will depend on how much air flow you want on yourself. In WA, airflow keeps me cool enough to ride most of the year. In Victoria, you may want the extended height to keep the airflow off you.
  3. Yeah, that's what I was thinking. I had a conversation with Andrew WestAndrew West about a larger screen which is also a possibility.

    I guess im just trying to avoid buying multiple things. I would like to know whats going to work....buy that and move on.
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  4. Where'd you pick the bike up? Ask them if you can demo one of the deflectors?
  5. Also GigittGigitt put a deflector on his Versys 650 maybe he can point you in the right direction. From memory he imported it from Russia or somewhere like that at a very reasonable price.
  6. Yeah I found on the VStrom that the lower the screen the better... Even the screen that I have on the DR is high enough so it stops chest buffeting but low enough to not buffet the head. The one on the XSR does nothing.
  7. Naked bikes are so much fun for that though 69SIM69SIM, it feels like you're going way faster than you actually are.

    Well, on the xsr you probably are going that fast haha
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  8. I have tried similar wind deflectors and would not buy another one. First of all they did not work too well and second it is only a bit more expensive to buy a completely new larger screen which will work a lot better.
  9. Andrew WestAndrew West time to transition into a 'handmade' windscreen solutions business. I've seen your handiwork :)
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  10. Thanks mate
  11. I bought this wind deflector on ebay from Russia. - really cheap think it was $75 landed
    it works really well used it on my Versys 650... but now sits on my Super Tenere 1200
    I have done about 7,000+km with it on the Super Tenere and love it!


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  12. A mate of mine had one on his Vstrom and likes it. However, get earplugs fitted from andystrapz, they kill the wind noise and fit comfortably in your ears.

    When you come down let me know, I'll go with you and get a second pair with music cables.
  13. I've got the MRA Vario setup on my Bandit and whilst it has stopped the buffeting I was getting with both the standard and Double Bubble screens, the increase in wind noise is very noticeable. This I'm putting down to the additional edges the deflector has introduced into the airflow.