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Wind buffeting

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Jeimbo, Apr 5, 2007.

  1. Went out for a cruise north of Melb around Mernda, Whittlesea and Wollert.

    Haven't had the C50 wound up past 100kph before but had problems with the wind. I couldn't track straight as I was being blown around. Stopped to check the actual wind but it wasn't too bad. When a truck went past the other way the snap of the wind was unsettling

    My riding position is upright and have no windscreen. Is wind and the effects on stability something you get used to and ride through or do I need to adopt a technique to combat it?

  2. I would say you get used to it. I hate it when is comes from the side and trys to blow you over.
  3. Check and see how many cruisers riding by have screens; the wind is accentuated by the 'sitting back' position of the body. Get a screen; you'll never regret it.
  4. Dont grip the bars to tight either. You do get used to it and at 100 is about the worst it gets. :cool:
  5. Try riding to brisbane and back on a Spada. Had my liscence for three days, never driven or ridden before, and made it there in two days. Trucks are the worst, going past them sucks you in.
    Just grip the tank with yourlegs, and dont fight the bike. It wont fall over, and fighting it will increase fatique considerably.
    Grab a screen, most of them easily detatch if they look dorky.
    Isnt that what riding is about though? the ELEMENTS?
  6. I find the wind the worse while going over bridges and in between the cutouts on expressways. Oh, and when I have the ventura bag on the rack.
  7. I got a national cycle screen for $200 ,you can put it on and take it off in 20 seconds ,it sits on the handle bars.
    So if your going to do the highways put it on.
    I was sitting between 110 -130kph ,for 400km trip on a freeway and it's great ,no wind pressure on the arms or chest.

    I only figures this out last week while on the trip and playing with the semi trailers and seeing why I was geting pushed around from the wind.
    The way I was sitting on the cruiser ,I was sitting back and had the arms streched fully{feels cumfortable} and when the truck went past, the wind hits my chest and when that happens "you" pull on the bars ,and you make the bike wiggle ,not the wind.
    Just bend you arms alittle and relax and hold on with your knees.
    The big semi trailer B-doubles ,will blow you around know matter what you do, even with a screen ,you'll get used to it.
    Just move to the left of the lane abit.
  8. Mate welcome to the Boulevard. It is shit at first, but you do get used to it. IMHO they look untidy with a screen, sorry sleddy.. :grin:
  9. That's why I got the 20 second removal one for $200 ,not the $70,000,000 suzuki one :shock: .
    I got it 6 months ago and only used it for the first time last weekend ,on the 3 day ride ,but im SOOOOO glad I had it ,no need for it any other time, they do look crap on the Boulevard mussel cruiser. :cool:
  10. But mate it hasnt got Suzuki on it... SO it wont work properly.. :LOL: :LOL:
  11. Welcome to the world of cruisers.....I have a detachable windscreen that comes on and off in 5 seconds flat. Use it for long touring and it really works well....i can ride all day at 120 no worries at all without getting fatigued. Im not a big fan of the windscreen look so it only goes on for touring......but definately worth the investment.....mine wasnt cheap though at 600+.

  12. I remember my first trip across the westgate bridge when i first got my licence - it was on a suzuki Across......

    It was dam windy that day anyway - i felt like I was going over that bridge on a 45 degree angle.........hated every minute of it.

    Anyway, I stopped at the shell servo (are they still there?) and had a drink, and wondered if it's always like this I'm selling the bloody thing!!

    Needless to say, that was many years ago........I don't even notice it now.

    Hang on in........you'll get there.
  13. All good advice - thanks. Will check out the national screen.

    Went for another blat today without hanging on tight and it was better.

    Bling to get: screen and sissy bar (for now)
  14. Experienced some reasonably swift side wind and gusts today (BOM say 44kmh with 54kmh gusts where I was...more where the wind is tunnelled between buildings, etc?), and I didn't enjoy it all that much...I'd read this thread and did try relaxing a little instead of tensing up which helped, just have to get used to it I suppose :?
  15. The hills around Mernda are pretty exposed. Go for a blast along Yarrambat Rd then down through the Gorge, McDonalds & Dalton then wipe the grin off when your finished cleaning the beast.

    I polished mine today and would love to do that loop on it. :grin: