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Wind Blast

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by smidsy, May 6, 2012.

  1. Hi Guys,
    I had a bout of glandular fever 15 years ago which has left me with sensitive glands behind the ears - when these glands play up they put pressure on my inner ear and affect my balance.

    When I ride I'm getting bad wind blast around my ears which is affecting these glands (and consequently the inner ear) to the point where I feel like I'm going to lose my balance and drop the bike. This is at 70k, I'm not game to go faster, and since the only road off Bribie Island is a 100 zone I'm restricted to pottering round the island.

    I've tried both an open and full faced helmet although admittedly both fairly cheap ones.

    Can anyone recommend a helmet that offers good wind protection, I need a 3x.

    I thought about putting a screen on the bike (XVS650) but as I'm 6'1 it would have to be pretty tall.

    Any other suggestions on how to deal with this would much appreciated. I only got my license in January and this is putting a real downer on riding.
  2. Try a light soft thin scarfe, around your neck, it keeps the wind and noise out.

    Or a double Bubble wind screen, It takes the wind over your head, I dont know if it will fit on yours tho,
  3. Thats a really strange issue. you can get wind blocker things for helmets, shoei makes them for theirs at least.

    they are like a big sealed garter that seals at the neck.
  4. +1 for what Unconnected said.
    My Shoei came with a chin curtain which can be clicked on/off. It significantly reduces wind and noise.

    EDIT: You could also try this in combination with a neck warmer that comes up around your chin or a thin poly balaclava. Be careful not to completely seal your helmet as you don't want to be breathing your own recirculated air...
  5. + 1 for Deadmans suggestion resion being, a scarfe or neck sock [or both] will stop the wind from coming up along your jacket and under the helemt, stopping the wind first gives you a win. I had an xvs650 with a screen on it, was adjustable and you can move them get the 'sweet spot' so that the air goes over your head!! That with a neck sock / scarf should fix your problem!! One thing, ensure you dont restrict head movement when you have the scarf on!!
  6. I've got a National Cycles "Switchblade" screen system on my XVS650, ordered online from the US. Basically there are fixed spools that mount at the top of your forks, and the screen (the 'blade") can be installed/removed in about 10 seconds. I like it because I prefer not to have a screen except for when I'm doing long trips, or will be in the freeway. You can also have different screens for different occasions, if that excites you, hence the switch blade bit. Anyhow, I got a 'Chopped' screen and find it's plenty big enough. But there are bigger ones in the range, with a "Two-Up" screen the biggest.
  7. Do you wear earplugs?
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  8. #9 OzzyDevil, May 6, 2012
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    Well I do best thing I ever did.. Wind blast was pissing me of and I started to get popping in my left ear...
  9. +1 to HB! The obvious question. The ones that are moulded to your ear shape are best, IMO.
  10. Thanks guy, I'll try ear plugs.
    I've also ordered a Windjammer off Ebay.
  11. might want to try them 3M ear plugs, bought a box of 250 pairs for $52 including shipping from ebay.
    They're excellent in keeping the noise out, although I reuse them for up to a couple of weeks and they tend to get softer and let more noise in after awhile.

    I find that tucking in helps a little also, as with keeping a loose grip on the bars. Keep your weight forwards to bring the CG up front.
    That helps with stability from wind gusts. the bike will tend to self correct, and wants to remain upright with no input from the rider. :)
  12. I wear a neck sock...it helps reduce chill on your neck as well as wind going up the back of the helmet. I usually have the neck warmer tucked inside the leather jacket, then tuck it into the helmet, all the way around if possible. I then tie my helmet strap over the neck sock to hold it in place. It might take a few tries to perfect the position of the neck sock so that it doesn't get pulled out of the jacket when head checking.

    If I ride without a neck sock, I get a massive headache coming from the back of the head due to the cold chill running up the back of the neck. My ears start to hurt and pretty much hate riding at that stage. So neck sock...even if it's about 20 degrees.
  13. I found industrial ear plugs to be much better at doing the job than tose plugs that supposedly mould into your ear's shape. The industrial plugs cost about $3.50
  14. Shoei have good wind protection helmets, add a whisper kit (sits around the bottom of the helmet), a chin curtain and you're got the best protection from there. Other than that, ear plugs... The foam ones you squeeze and fill your ear, i have some shure se215 earphones which act the same and provide music ofcourse. I did a review of them on this forum.
  15. Another vote for earplugs.

    These days I've ditchednthebearplugs and wear Logitech Ultimate Ears earphones plugged in to my intercom/Bluetooth kit. Have found them to be at least as good at ambient noise suppression as foam plugs, but with the benefit of piped music. Only need music on very soft to be able to hear it clearly.

    Also, the good quality memory foam seals on the in-ear phones really seal well which should help with you inner ear disturbance from the wind blast.