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Wind Blast how the hell do i stop it...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by OzzyDevil, Jun 22, 2012.

  1. I just bought a Sena SMH10 it all works good am so happy with it my helmet is a Rjays SP2 that's the model... Anyway how the hell do i stop wind blast it's pissing me off... I have heard of windjamers but i'm not sure if it will work.. What about 1 of them sock things that go over your head... It's not a lose helmet or anything but i just can't get over this wind blast ](*,)

    Would a scarf help maybe i'm open for anything.. Chop my hears of maybe...



  2. earplugs, windjammer, scarf etc will work but definitely earplugs
  3. duct tape the whole outside of your helmet. and then once wearing it do the same below your neck.
  4. Yeah smee i have used ear plugs but what is the point of having a Sena SMH10 when u can't hear anything lol...
  5. Ear plugs, balaclava, chin curtain in the helmet all help to reduce the noise.

    You could also try a scarf with all the above.
  6. At the end of the day no helmet, no extra crap is going to stop the wind noise, only mask it.

    i wear headphones, and a neck sock.. i can still hear what i need to and it helps a little bit.
  7. Ozzy, do the scarf first off, that should stop the wind coming up under the helmet, ear plugs are great if you value your hearing, hence EVERYBODY recommending them :) If its only a short blast here n there you can get away without them but if you're say heading to geelong or GOR and doing freeway riding for a constant time, then you'd be crazy not to wear ear plugs..
  8. I agree re: ear plugs, Goddie & have been thinking of investing in the Ear Mold ones.
  9. I tryed my ear plugs i have them plastic Christmas tree ones lol but couldn't hear crap out of them...
  10. Ozzy, check out www.earmold.com.au. They are worth their weight in gold.

    Not cheap but bloody awesome from all the reviews I've read/heard.
  11. oxford riding earplugs, you can get them at 60 degrees, or get earmolds if you can afford them
  12. +1 for the earmold earplugs, no other ear plug works as well.
  13. I know we're talking about cold, but I've had a set of Earmolds for three years now, I never leave home without them....
  14. maybe those who would like to buy earmolds do a bulk buy and see if you can get a discount?
  15. +1 for earmold. Very comfortable to wear. The recreational headset attenuates the noise so well you can have music at a low level and still hear what's going on around you.
  16. I think u need them fitted...But they look good :)
  17. Yes, earmolds are individually made by casting your ear. As custom hearing protection you may be able to claim them as a tax deductible work expense.
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  18. Yeh. A sitting is required for custom fitting & then an order is placed.

    That's why they are so good.