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Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Toya, Feb 20, 2007.

  1. I would like to get the viewpoint of other riders and their encounters with how they manage crosswinds.....

    Recently I have been out riding in my quest to gain experience, and the more I venture away from the side streets, the more crosswinds I seem to have to deal with.
    At 60km/h, its noticeable, but managable...however, once I get up above 80km/h I really struggle with my weeny bike being thrown around the place.

    Have any others noticed this, and if so, how have you managed it?
  2. Yeah i get it all the time..... All you can do is lean into the wind a bit and allow for gusts as best you can.

    if it gets to much try and vary your speed a bit.. i find on my bike that varying the spedd can change the effect the wind has.... just need to learn what suits you best....... but is can be draining for long periods
  3. +1 for what drew said.

    Wind is annoying, i have been blown across a 3 laned road in traffic before and that sucked.
  4. I asked the same questions and the advice I got was well I can't remember so these are my thoughts. I to ride a twofiddy.

    Chill dude when we first get int he wind we fight it, grab the bars really tight etc. Number one thing relax use your lower body to feel your way through the wind. In really bad constant cross winds [not gusts] stick your knee out on the side where the wind is coming from.

    I find riding is like going down a river, if I think like this then I seem to ride better.

    But again relax and use your knees and legs to keep the bike balanced.

    Oh practice is the best thing and you already doing that.
  5. Yep relaxing is the key.
    if you tense up you'll find you get blown all over the place. if you relax the bike just sorts itself out underneath you and the wind becomes much less of a problem.

    It's worse on lighter bikes, but focus on staying relaxed. keep your arms loose and grip with your legs and you get used to it after a while
  6. Thanks guys....your feedback has been invaluable :grin:
  7. What they ^ all said, plus what else works for me is:

    Make sure tyre pressures are right.

    In gusty conditions, I adjust my lane position to a more central one.
  8. The rest of the guys have pretty much covered it and I'm sure falcon lords links have all you need. Hold on with your knees and let your upper body go with flow and relax.
  9. I havent dealt with strong winds yet, btu my bike being as light as it is, means even the slightest open space like overpasses cause a fair bit for me to cope with. I just grip on really tight with my legs :?

    Also hate things like trucks passing me !
  10. You shouldn't grip really tight, you don't have the flexibility of control, read some of the posts in the thread I have linked, I give a fairly through run down, and Seany adds some nice additions (That I can say are a solid improvment on what I had said)
  11. Yep, relax your body but hold onto the bike with your knees.
  12. Donshe I havent dealt with "heavy" winds yet either, I was referring to the general crosswinds you get on anything bar a side street...

    The suggestions made, and in the posts that Falcon-Lord has linked have been really helpful.
  13. What are you riding, Toya?
    Some bikes are worse than others in crosswinds. Faired models often seem to have more problems, too (but not always, depends on the model).
  14. I am riding a CBR250RR......very light and easily "swayed" unfortunately.
    I dont help matters much either as I am a rather slight framed woman.

    I have thought about putting sandbags in the fairings to give me more weight...but something tells me that isn't the answer!! he he
  15. That might make things worse, best thing you can do is get use to it as fast as possible.