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Win7 won't recognise a Linux HDD

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Jan 30, 2010.

  1. I have inherited a couple of Linux HDDs, but my Win7 PC won't even recognise that they exist, much less allow me to reformat them to use them as data drives. I'm using an external case via USB, and I've never known it not to work, so I'm ASSUMING the problem is that that drives have Linux on them.....

  2. If you connect them to one of the ports on the motherboard (out of the USB case) can the bios see them?

    If not, you're the proud owner of two paperweights.
  3. So you can't see the disks/partitions in Disk Manager? They should show as unknown partitions that you can delete. Could use something like UBCD or Hiren's BootCD otherwise.
  4. Windows 7 on my computer is like a virus. It keeps popping up all the time.
    I have XP pro and dont want windows 7.
    Its a bloody nuisance.
  5. If you can't even see the hardware, what the partitions are formatted to is immaterial. I'd not rely on Win7 either use the UBCD as above or the GParted bootable CD to see if they are stuffed...
  6. Update and fixed. I connected the drive directly to the computer, and Win7 disc manager was able to see the disc, and convert it, first to simple format, then to NTFS..

    All done, and with one exception :roll: thanks for the feedback.
  7. One day windows will catch up and support ext3 as its file system. Then all my dreams will come true.
  8. If i'd seen this yesterday Paul, I'd have fixed you up easy. Good to see you got it working in the end, all variants of windows is a little bit of a pain with things that are 'unusual' to it...