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win a Vespa

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by MONKEYMAN, Mar 27, 2011.

  1. [​IMG]

    Looks like a > 5 year old ET series Vespa, which has been superseded by the LX series Vespas. In my opinion, the LX series have a more stable front end and a better seating position, a significant improvement over the ET series.

    And nobody, not even the Village People, would wear that stupid jacket, so it looks like the whole prize is a waste of time.
  2. what a stupid f*ucking jacket.
  3. Captain_Slow,
    I see this billboard on my regular trips down Eastlink, southbound...sh*ts me to tears !
    It's usually coincident with the further down the highway 'BE AWARE OF MOTORCYCLES' signage and hence confirms to me why cagers purposely DON'T look out for us...
  4. I know what you mean Nickers, I've seen the billboard hanging off the Richmond railway station bridge so the northbound vehicles waiting at Punt/Swan can see it, and often shake my head in disgust!
  5. Interesting to note that the RAutomobileCV have an 'unofficial' policy that motorcycling is deemed a conflict of interest. Especially considering the amount of m/c riders they've sold products to. They can kiss my clacker. No I wont be answering any questions.
  6. LOL WTF, WOW what a great prize a 7 year old scooter.... all this effort and cost they have put in this promotion, they could give you a new 300 super, not Jasons actual scooter LOL

    theses no such thing as an ET250c there is an et2 50 a bloody 50cc scooter for serious, in victoria? LOL

    so what do you really get... its probably done 30,000km too hahaha
  7. yea but but...... you get the stupid ****ing jacket :)
  8. Once anyone click your link, pic on that page is very convincing, ha ha
  9. No sense of humour guys, why do we have to be so macho and all hung up just becasue we ride motorcycles and not scooters?

    The whole ad is a bit of fun, don't take life so seriously. :(
  10. In the context of the original ad it's mildly amusing - the scooter is pretty ordinary but the question is why on earth would they think anyone would want to win that jacket?

    And their value of $3,000 for the scooter is a bit over stated...

    The only ET2 50 I could find for sale is going for a whole $1,900
  11. Ironically, the actor playing the rider heap a heap of grief when he's recognised out in public. Nobody takes the ad seriously = fail

    A lame ad is a lame ad. But then the whole campaign has been 'special'. Wonder what the Gruen Transfer thinks of it?