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Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Takamii, Sep 5, 2010.

  1. Hello Dudes and Dudettes

    As the owners, mods , and members of Netrider have been very accepting and supporting of me ( not like some other sites I will not mention ) as a new member and my new business by offering reviews, suggestions and in fact buying my products I would like to celebrate the release of my line of TAKAMII Carbon Fibre helmets due in mid October 2010 (approximate) by running a competition to win one (value of $650). Its been a long 8 months getting things going and a lot of $$$ - hell I haven't had a bike now for 3 months and most likely wont for another 6 months.

    Now the actual competition will be open and run in the members section and
    NOT IN THIS THREAD - I am just waiting on MOUTH ( site owner to get back to me on my PM ) to hammer out the finer details

    here are the rules pending agreement to them and the competition overall by Netrider owner MOUTH

    1. You have to be a member to enter ( the actual competition will be in the members section ) - so if you are not then sign up today ( $10 wont kill you )
    2. Only ONE entry per member
    3. If you win - A picture of you on your bike wearing the helmet is required as well as a write up on the helmet.
    4. I reserve the right to alter the time frame of you receiving your helmet (due to certification reasons)
    5. The type of competition will be in the members section ( most likely something along the lines of "why does my ass look big in this helmet" )
    6. Competition will run for approx 4 weeks (subject to change)

    Thats it pretty easy huh.

    Heres a few pics and specs

    Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmets Feature

    • UV resistant clear-coat
    • Super Aerodynamic
    • ECE 22-05, DOT, AS1698 Certified
    • 1200 ± 50 grams carbon fiber construction (L)
    • Silky smooth, moisture wicking, removable/washable liner
    • Quicklock visor removal and installation system
    • Carbon Fiber Full Face Helmets

    Outer Shell

    Shell Weight: Approx. 425 ~ 500 grams
    Carbon fiber, Spectra, Kevlar, Glass-fiber, composite material

    Inner Shell
    EPS: 30-segments, 20-segments, 16-segments

    Interior Lining
    Polyurethane foam (PU foam)
    Removable head pads
    Skeletonized inner lining
    interchangeable cheek pads between all sizes

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  2. Aren't you a bit worried by the 'pressure points' different brands seem to have?

    Particular brands can have a different idea about how a person's head is shaped, Shoei for example were not suited to me 2 years ago, tried every model they had. Rjays and Shark were great, AGV was not.

    Can you give some more details about this?
  3. Why should I be worried at all ? Yes - each head is different - but if you won it for nothing would you say to me - sorry does not fit me 100% to my liking so I do not want it you can have it back. I do not think you would. What details do you need - I am not asking you to buy it.

    Whether the winner keeps it, sells it to a friend, or uses it as a flower pot that is up to them.
  4. Will you have replacement visors?
    All well to have a great helmet but visors get scratched etc.

  5. Yes Mate - replacement visors , cheek pads , headlining and of course off road use tinted iridium visors

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  6. Whats the price on these baby's when they come out?
  7. From the first post
  8. ML even made it bold type for you.....
  9. Dude, that thing looks the dogs bollocks. I'm kinda interested now as for how the little lip thing at the back would go with wind noise, etc.
  10. Only noise I experienced at 100kmph was when doing a head check with the top vents open and a small whistle could be heard
  11. Does it give you extra downforce? :p
  12. yes and a extra 5hp as well as an extra 25kmph top speed

    plus it makes you more attractive to the opposite sex
  13. Sweet. Now we're talking.
  14. My question was rather how do we know it fits our head without buying it first!
  15. Because you go to your local retailer and try it on - now there are only local retailers organised for Brisbane and Canberra so far

    When my web page is up and running then there will be more retailers listed as more come on board.

    You really think I am an idiot don't you Smokae.
  16. A friend of mine has one I think.
    Looks grouse.
    His visor was bifocal or something like transition lenses.
    From clear to dark in the sun.
    Really want one
  17. that's photochromic, not bifocal.
    bifocal is where (with reading glasses) there's 2 different thickness of glass.
    photochromic is where the glass (or plastic in this case) gets darker according to the level of ambient light.

    hey ML, what are the vents like? do they actually let air circulate or are they just for decoration like my rjays?
  18. Well that's what we needed to hear, so we can try them out!
  19. motolegion,
    Me likes very much ;) Perfectly compliments my gear when out riding the R1 (y)
  20. Ahhhh your R1 compliments my gear -- anything with a Tuning Fork rocks
    and having a R1 means you are a cultured man of impeccable taste in fine machinery