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Win a Honda 1000 RR - Drawn 23/10/2016 at Aus Moto GP

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by MotoGoanna, Oct 18, 2016.

  1. Noticed this while browsing the official Moto GP program at the newsagent. YAMS is the official charity of the Moto GP this year. See http://yamsfoundation.org.au/ for details of the charity.

    Tickets are only $5. Total number of tickets is 12,000. Much better odds than lotto. Raffle is drawn at the GP on Sunday.

    I understand many people have regular philanthropic contributions to their favoured cause, however, I think it is generally a good idea for motorcyclist community to support charities that put up motorcycles as a prize.

    The link to purchase tickets is under Fund Raising/Shop menu at the YAMS web site. Direct link below.

    WIN A HONDA CBR1000RR – just $5 a ticket or buy 4 & get 2 FREE
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  2. Done!
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  3. Sweet.....just bought 20 tickets for $82.
    Great charity and the chance to win a new ride.....thanks for the heads up.
  4. Done. For a good cause. Did the 4 ticket deal.

  5. Done.
    Great cause and terrific prizes. Thank you for posting the link MotoGoannaMotoGoanna (y)
  6. Yep. C'mon new fireblade:riding:!
  7. You already have 2 bikes..

  8. Yeah i know I'm a greedy bastard:emoji_yum:
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  9. Done. 4 tix here. Anyone want to buy a cheap fireblade if I win?
  10. Done! ... :emoji_motorcycle:
  11. I will if I don't win. I need a track bike until I can ride it legally on roads (if it doesn't kill me first :nailbiting:)
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  12. Mmmm. Track bike!
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  13. I was there first!
    But I guess I could share :sneaky:
  14. Lol just bought 20 tickets...need another litre bike like I need a litre bike...but I like to practice a bit of philanthropy whenever I can
    If I were to win... :bolt:
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  15. Whats better than having a track bike?

    Having a partner who also wants one!
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  16. N+1 remember.
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  17. $40, double your money?
  18. Done, 4 (6) tickets.