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Win a ducati street fighter !!!!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by MONKEYMAN, Mar 30, 2011.

  1. I think theres 3 to be won, still reading up on it.
    pictures just don't do this bike justice, in the flesh bellisimo.

  2. I'm lactose intolerant, but I'm happy to spend a week in the crapper for a prize like this.
  3. nice! You always find these things, good on ya.
  4. yes 3... oooh S version too, must be faster
  5. i know ! and i will be drinking nothing but that icebreak shit till the competion closes
  6. I'd be laughing my pants off if all three bikes ended up with people who can't ride. :p
  7. I was lucky enough to win a virgin cola aprillia 250 in the 90`s

    kept a week part exchanged it for a blade looked good though
  8. Ssshhh!

    I've been entering this like a mofo for 2 weeks!

    Entered at least 20 times so far. I have it all planned out, step 1 win bike, step 2 sell bike, step 3 buy an 848 Evo instead, step 4 win!

    Oh, and use left over $$$ for lattes. :p

  9. noooo, Id love it but hate coffee :(
  10. Hit: The taste of Iced Coffees...yum!
    Shit: Watching a DVD on my other screen where there's rain in a scene, and it takes me a volume turn up, and 30seconds before I realised the 'rain' is audio from the Ice Break website... ](*,)
  11. Is the fuel tank meant to look like some nutcase has head-butted it? :p
  12. I would enter but those Iced Coffees from the bottle taste like crap imo.

    I make my own at work on hot days.

    None the less I'll buy a Dare Iced Coffee and enter for shits & giggles.
  13. Thanks for sharing

    If I win - ahhh who am I kidding I never win
  14. The minor prize are "Stoner" t-shirts & "Stoner" flag, do they know he races for Honda now? Or maybe they picked up cheap stock? :p

    Also, three major prizes, so does that mean three people will win a bike each?
  15. Terms and Conditions point 12.
    blah blah blah..... "The relevant winner must provide all information and sign all documentation necessary to enable the Promoter to register the vehicle in the name of the winner prior to delivery. To be eligible to claim the vehicle, the winner must be capable of obtaining registration of the vehicle.....and must be lawfully permitted to drive a motorbike in their state....
    ...unable to register....in your name, you can assign the vehicle to another person with legal capcity for the purpose of registration of the vehicle. "

    Does that sound like a loophole which means they don't have to give the bike away if you don't have a bike license? (Because it says you can transfer the rego to someone else but doesn't mention the license bit?)
  16. No, one guy gets 3 identical bikes.
  17. Blast this thread. I'd hoped no one else would enter. :D

    I checked the T/Cs and you don't have to be able to ride it, if you win they nominate a dealer and it will be registered in your name, then its up to you to get it home. Get someone who is licensed or a ute/van...
  18. haha classic! ;)
  19. Dunno. Can we get a contract lawyer in here please!

    Are you saying the T&Cs on the Ice Breaks are different to those posted on the website?
  20. hmm I'm with khakhees, you don't need to be able to drive/ride a vehicle to have it registered under your name