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Win a 12 months subscription to Rapid Bikes

Discussion in 'Site Announcements' started by Mouth, Dec 10, 2006.

  1. It doesn't say you've entered the competition when you click on 'enter competition'...is this right?
  2. lil, it says it at the top of the page, in red, under the RAPID banner. It's a subtle change to the initial competition page just to check you're paying attention... :wink:
  3. Hmmm....I think its definately time for bed, then. I didn't notice, but then its been a hellish weekend at work :evil:
  4. Er, how do you find out your "membership password?"
  5. wow - been a member for over 12 months and it's the first time i've known there's a monthly competition. way cool......

    ... shame i don't know the answer to the question tho :LOL: :cry: :?

    (if u PM me the answer, i'll split the prize with you :grin: 6 months each!!)
  6. Carri, take about two minutes to finds the answer on the "Rapid" website. There's a link from the competition page to the website.

    I'd give you the answer, but I've just entered myself and don't want to push my odds out too far... :wink:
  7. ah.... yes.... indeed.... excellent .... thanks pete

    all i needed was the observational and technical skills of a three year old, both of which i appear to sadly lack :grin:

    we're there now and i'm more informed of the naked euros on the market. and there i was thinking they had something to do with Abba singing Waterloo without their clothes on :p

    ps Pete, i just listened to some of your music - it's good stuff!!

  8. Is this a monthly question hunny?

    You can't "find it out" if you don't remember it, you will need to reset it. We can't read your pwd
  9. Only a few days remaining in the competition ... don't forget to get your entry in if you haven't already done so.