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Wilsons Prom Ride Sun 24th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by craigrider, Jan 20, 2010.

  1. Hey Guys,

    Going for a ride this Sunday down to Wilsons Prom (Tidal River) and back.
    Is going to be a Class 3-4 Ride.. ~400kms ~7 hours inc stops.
    Meet Point is In Lang Lang on the Main drag (Western Port Rd) just before the Train tracks, there is a news agency there you cant miss it.
    Meet Time is 9:00am for a 9:30 sharp Departure.
    Will most likely stop for lunch in Foster on the way BACK from Tidal River, Taking the long route there (map link below) and the short one back..

    I will lead unless there are any other volunteers? and I will not be setting a blistering pace.. So the ride is open to all but the newest of learners.. Am open to changes to the route as I havn't ridden any of the roads before..


    So who is in?


  2. I would be interested. Always wanted to do the prom.
  3. I will be down that way but on Sunday I will be at the Foster market.
    I might see you zoom by. Have a good one

  4. Updated the route a little.. after I figured out that one of the roads was more like a dirt goat track..

    Map here


  5. looks like a good circuitous route, but only a maybe at this stage as she who must be obeyed has other plans for me :(
  6. I'm a definite maybe.
  7. Im in. Beeen to long between runs for me.
  8. haha luke im looking forward to definatly maybe seeing you there..

    weather is looking good.. 26 and sunny.. Ill see you all bright and early tomorrow morning

  9. She who must be obeyed has shown interest in coming along also! if I can get her out of bed before 8.00. see you at Langlang.
  10. I'm a definite yes!
  11. Why not. I'll come along too. :)
  12. What a ride. You know its been a good one when you get home and everything hurts. Thanks Craig and everyone for a great day.
  13. Thanks Craig (and everyone) good idea to get down that way.

    Thanks google maps for giving the young people of today someone to blame when they have trouble reading a map.

  14. Good ride guys!

    The final destination:
  15. Nice pic Luke, what camera did you take it with? Wouldn't happen to be a fuji would it?
  16. Ok Ride report.. firstly.. there were no offs which is always good! We all met up at 9am as planned on the rather chilly and overcast morning it was this morning! Ended up being 9 bikes.. including a couple older than most of the participants.. Adam took us on an alternate route from Lang Lang to Drouin than originally planned but much superior.. we then headed as planned the long way too wilsons prom with some senic double takes around Boolarra due to a mix of google maps lack of grasp on what roads are really there and the leaders ineptness .. Luckily though the couple of wrong turns ended up being fantastic bits of twisty road its was good to do them twice!

    Once we sorted that out and someone made it too the petrol station with less than a litre spare .. we headed off for earnest to wilsons.. Via Foster for a late (145ish) lunch.. Wilsons was $2.70 per bike entry to the park but came with 60km of excellent twisties and some even better views! From there it was getting pretty late so we jetted home thru fish creek with one final fuel up and goodbye at Leongatha before we joined the parade of bikes returning from the island..

    All in all it was a excellent ride and I hope everyone enjoyed it! Some of the roads out that way offer as good twisties as the black spur and without the traffic.. I will defiantly be heading back down there..

    The final route is here




    PS Big thanks to the ZZR guy for TECing all day
    PPS that picture is IPhone
  17. iPhone 3GS!
    Saturation and contrast increased in photobucket.
  18. Wow - including the stretches from St Kilda to Lang Lang and back - that was a 600km (plus) day for me!
  19. Ah thanks Luke. Yeh it was the saturation that threw me. I know fuji cams oversaturate the blue. That's a real nice pic tho.
  20. replaced with original straight of the phone - blue was a bit TOO blue :)