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Wilsons Prom Ride for Learner? Help.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by CrisisBiker, Mar 20, 2015.

  1. Hi all,
    I am planning a hike around the prom for four days and plan on riding there and back. Just had a couple of questions for the more knowledgeable among you :)

    1. Is the ride from Frankston to Wilsons Prom (Tidal River) too difficult for a learner? It takes about 2.5 hours according to Google maps. I have done about 2000 kilometres on the bike. Any advice or 'heads up' would be really appreciated. Haven't done a lot (any) of country riding.

    2. Once there, what can I do with the helmet? I don't feel like carrying that around for 4 days. And, will the bike be safe in the carpark? Or Should I get some anti-theft stuff?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

  2. The ride is easy (pretty boring most of the way), nothing technical until you get into the park, and then just keep your speed down over the hills. Some of the corners are a little rough on the surface, but the bike can handle that if you relax and don't try to Valentino it.

    Will you be arriving/departing in daylight? If not take it easy and drop a few kays off the speed limit, I've encountered wombats, roos and koalas on the road.

    No security at all. You can use a cable lock on your bike for your helmet and then also lock your bike to a post perhaps? But if someone wants to take it, nothing to stop them. Just like anywhere really with a bike. The only real security is insurance. If you are really worried, befriend some grey nomads and ask them to keep an eye on it.

    Enjoy the prom, it's one of my favourite destinations in Australia.
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  3. Thanks for the tips. I'll definitely tackle the ride in that case. It would be nice if the trip wasn't too boring but its more experience for me and its the biking/hiking combo that I am looking forward too the most.
    The bike's insured so that helps, but I'll take other steps to secure it. Thanks for the tip on the helmet, couldn't handle carrying it around for so long.
    It's a beautiful spot, camp fees have gone up though!
  4. The ride there and back is pretty good.
    Give yourself plenty of time to do it though, especially when you're coming back.
    I'm guessing you'll be carrying a bit of weight for 4 days so your legs might be more tired than you're used to on the bike. You'll need plenty of stops to keep them working for you.
    If you have time do a different route there to the direct route home. There's some lovely roads between Frankston and Foster.
    Do you already have cables to lock up your gear ?
    I'd lock your jacket and helmet onto the bike, but wrap them in a plastic bag to keep them clean & dry
  5. Yeah I probably overplayed the boring ride part, it's just easy given the turns are mostly 80 or more km/h turns. But stop every hour to rest up.

    A motorbike jacket doubles as a good hiking jacket in the cold, so leaving it on the bike just means carrying another weather proof jacket on your ride.
  6. All good guys and totally appreciate the comments. As a noob I am sure the ride in will present me with plenty to think about but I hadn't thought about taking a different, more scenic route on the way there; I'll take another look at the map.

    I had considered how tired/sore I might be post hike and considered getting some accommodation in Forster but a little exy for a rest stop, so I'll just punch it home but will look after myself with plenty of stops (and stretches no doubt). The hike itself will be reasonably easy - I'm giving myself time to make check points.

    I don't currently have cables or security/anti-theft gear for the bike. Not sure how to approach this - BJpitt's comments made sense to me. I'll research threads re cables and see what I can find out.

    Camping gear and motorbikes! I'm going to use my dri-rider boots as hiking shoes, I think the'll translate well and I'll take the jacket too, fitting all the gear on the bike is the next challenge. I don't have a tourer/adventure bike but a small honda VTR 250 but I have room on the seat/tail for enough gear (I think)!!

    Thanks for the comments/ideas.
  7. There is no way I would hike in my bike jacket, or even walk around for a few km in it. Uncomfortable as hell with elbow guards etc. Would pack a second jacket any day of the week...

    Just saw the next post re boots. Don't know the dririder boots you have, but are you sure they are up for hiking up rocky trails? Mine certainly wouldn't be comfort-wise! Would rather pack runners.
  8. i have no idea whether they will work. I am trying to cut down on gear but being uncomfortable is far worse! I need to think about this. The dririder boots aren't too bad though, I wear them at work all day, but that's not the same as hiking the prom.
    I might just strap a back back on the pillion seat/tail and fill it with gear. Better to be safe than a miserable son of a biatch with big foff blisters.

    At least I know the ride itself is okay, as for the rest I'll need to make a decision. I'll report back on the road etc when I'm done.

    upload_2015-3-21_9-41-32. my boots; fit for hiking????
  9. Boots OK but take a some runners. The Prom weather will be interesting.
  10. I will do Grinch. Went into Anaconda today and grabbed some. Hope the weather holds up.
  11. MAVPMAVP, when are you going ?
    I have some cables that I don't use often, or I could make some to a specific length if needed.

    I expect you'll be taking a decent hike pack ready to go for the journey. Are you able to carry it on the bike rather than wearing it all the way down and back ?
    If you can throw on another smaller bag then it would be good to throw a change of clothes into so that you can leave your riding gear with the bike as much as possible.
    IE pants, jacket, boots, gloves and Helmet.
  12. Thanks man, I went to AMX today and got a cable lock so all good.

    I am thinking of strapping a hiking pack to the pillion seat and I can wear a small backpack on the way down. School holidays coming up means there's not a lot of camp sites available...might have to wait a little bit longer.:arghh:

    Good idea, to leave as much gear securely with the bike...what I really need to look into is a top box for the VTR or some panniers, That would really help out but I am sure with a bit of elbow grease I'll make it work.