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Willytown wannabee's

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by nobby, Jan 15, 2012.

  1. Okay! I admit I'm an old bloke who rides a cruiser, BUT I don't have tatt's, neither do I wear a bandana or shave my head, and more importantly I actually ride my bike..

    Went over to Willytown with Mrs Nobby and family to have lunch at the Nelson restaurant, got to Willy early so had a walk through the park, some realy nice Harley's parked up in the usual spot near the Chippy, and as I'm a Harley fan I stopped to check them out, lots of blokes hanging around with tatt's, bandana's and bald heads, most wearing the required Harley emblazoned jacket or black T.

    Finished drooling and went to the Nelson to catch up with the rest of the Nobby clan for a great lunch, and afterwards a cruise on the bay. 4.5hrs later, walking back to the car, the same Harley's in the same spots and the same Harleyist's standing around flexing abbs and trying to look like real hombre's.... with said, tatt's, bandana's and black T's ....

    For Dogs sake boys, ride the bloody things.

    You're giving bikers a bad name....
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  2. Calling Hardly riders 'bikers' is bang outta order son, pull ya head in FFs!
  3. Probably waiting for a trailer so they can get another rebuild.
  4. Dont ride by next Sunday. That will be us sitting in the park having a BBQ
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  5. Haha...that is so funny. One of the guys that i work with rides his harley to work probably once in 2 months. And I am pretty sure he doesn't ride it on weekends either. So sad...lol
  6. Any of 'em have those German WWII helmets??
  7. maybe not so much bikers.....more like "OMG look at me and im counter acting for something else" LMFAO
    i work with a guy that HAS to ride his Harley every day cause thats the contract he signed with his wife to buy it....hahahahaha :)
  8. i saw a shit load of them today while i was riding,,, WTF :-s
  9. funny enough ... one actually did.....
  10. Perhaps they were spending the day processing their client's tax returns rather than riding?
  11. i have a mohawk i have tatts i do own a harley + other bikes but i ride mine.. every chance i can get rain hail or shine
  12. Yeah I saw them yesterday, actually followed a couple wobbling their way through the traffic trying to look all bad and nasty but really unable to slow-ride.

    The stench of mid-life crisis literally assailed the nostrils.
  13. You really should leave these waanabee's alone. If it wasn't for them some poor spare parts person wouldn't make quota.
  14. Probably in for their group rates on crack, back and sack waxes :-s
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  16. Gold!!!

    Did they look like this???


    ...maybe they were filming an episode of Sons & Daughters of Anarchy.
  17. I thought Accountants rode Scooters. Oh well, you learn something every day.
  18. At least you always know its a good day to ride they only come out when its sunny and between 28 and 33 degrees , to gather and swap badges
  19. Whilst not all Harley riders are wankers, a lot are.
  20. Speaking of which, was anyone riding through Gembrook around noon last Sunday?
    There was literally 100's of harleys, all parked of course.