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Willing and Hansford

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by rc36, Jul 25, 2005.

  1. In the late 970's there were no better riders in Australia and arguably the word than our own Gregg Hansford and Warren Willing.

    I had the pleasure of watching both of them race many time and I thought that these three photos from my own collection might be interesting.

    The 2 B&W shots are of Willing and Hansford. Willing is on the Yamaha Dealer Team TZ750 at Oran Park in August 1976. The photo of Hansford was taken at the same place and the same meeting.

    The colour photo is of the Unlimited Race at Laverton Air Force Base during the Australian TT Meeting in February 1976. In order the riders are; Pat Hennen (#07 TR750 Suzuki), Murray Sayle (#22 TKA Kawasaki H2R) Obscured behind Hennen, Gregg Hansford who eventually won the race (TKA Kawasaki KR750) obscured behind Murray Sayle, Kenny Blake (Jack Walters Yamaha TZ700), Warren Willing (#85 TZ750 Yamaha), Bob Rosenthal (#41 Milledge Yamaha TZ750), John Warrian (#12 Kawasaki 900 Superbike)




  2. Great pics there, first one's position reminds me of my horse riding days!
  3. Well, they weren't exactly friendly bikes to ride!
  4. oooo, 1976, the year before I joined the army. 8)

    That was a while ago :?

    Chuck the pics up in the gallery RC

  5. I love the safety hay!

    Great photos :)

  6. hay hay hay

    Yes, when we ran the road race meetings on public streets in Canberra (Macarthur Park, for anyone who remembers) one of the first items on the agenda for the Race Committee was to find a friendly farmer with a BIG truck, and lots of haybales. Most every time, we used them, and then sent them back for fodder, (except for the ones that got broken apart by various impacts)
    Today, of course, they would be considered a fire hazard, but then they were the epitome of safety. This, I might add, was at the same time as riders were being killed at Amaroo Park running into unpadded concrete walls right next to the track!!! Which would YOU prefer??
  7. I have posted the pictures in the gallery

    Yes, and when we went back on the Monday morning to collect said haybales, there wasn't a single one left!!! Someone had come in with a truck on Sunday night after the races and stolen the lot!
  8. Was a sad day in 1995 at Phillip Island when Hansford was killed in a 2 litre touring car. Spent years riding and crashing bikes and was taken during a car race of all things :(

    Mind you it was the 2nd impact fatal I witnessed in 6 months, the other was Don Watson at Bathurst :( , and two heart attack deaths in between.

    Been to a couple since but thankfully they are few and far between.
  9. I always felt that Gregg's death was so unfair (what death isn't?) for exactly that reason.
  10. Since Australia has ONLY been around for two hundred odd years and motorbikes were not invented back then I believe you are talking out of your exhuast pipe :shock: and call shananigans :p :p :p

    Also was that B.C. or A.D. :p :wink:

    Cheers 8)