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Williamsons Road, Templestowe

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' started by GoTeam, Jan 28, 2010.

  1. A speed camera and 6 police cars were patrolling the stretch between Foote St and Lynnwood Pde. I don't know if today was a one-off but they're guaranteed to get a win there because the road is steep as there. I went down in third gear to make sure I had no chance of picking up too much speed. Normally, my car rolls from 70 at the top of the hill to about 90 at the lowest point.

  2. What a bunch of good-for-nothing, slack-arsed, revenue-chasers. They're bound to cause an accident with numpties slamming on their brakes from 85 to 70 when they see the cops. I was following a bloody camry driver who did just that about a week ago when he sees a divvy van parked on the nature strip. Grrr. :evil:
  3. I saw a similar thing further down on Fitzsimons Lane a while back. There was a blue VW van with a camera on an arm. Somebody on here said it was most likely number plate recognition checking for unpaid fines, unregistered vehicles, etc.

    Big Brother is watching you and he wants his justice... I mean... Moooonneeeyyyy!!! $$$$$$
  5. They do that often their mostly because that carwash infront of the apple peal attracts hoons as they come sliding out all over the place