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Will white be supreme?

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Kermie, Mar 25, 2011.

  1. Hot or not?

  2. That does look alright, but I prefer it in black. The 10R looks great in black, and my black 14 looks schmick! Ninjas wear black pyjamas. If they don't it just looks silly.
  3. Hot. Although how often do you think you'd have to wash your wheels to keep 'em looking nice?
  4. have you not seen gi joe?
    black ninja and white ninja were brothers.....

    but yes, white ninja looks hot!
  5. IMO, the gloss black of the tank clashes with the matte black / charcoal used on the frame and on the fairing around the radiator. Having said that, if they use good quality paint all round, it will prolly look a stunner.

    I think I'd give up and have them anodised black or something!
  6. White wheels look ****ing horrible, why do people do it?
  7. black is actually surpringly hard to keep clean

    but the answer is no, it's a ninja, it's supposed to be green, though a black one is still considered socially acceptable.
    a red ninja would be wrong, an orange one would be really wrong, a white one is still wrong sorry.
  8. White is the new "look we're being really different and fashionable by using exactly the same colour as everyone else".

    Way things are going I reckon brown will be next.
  9. I'd tap it, but then it's sans mirrors, indictors and all the other vomit they tack on it.
  10. White is totally(yeah) hot (but) with few exceptions.
    I would rather have my rims and exhaust matched to frame colour(matt black??).
    And ofcourse, black riding gear with white streaks.
    Otherwise, it'll look like one of those ex-police bike from the auctions, hee hee.
  11. +1 on that, I have a black bike, and it's a biatch to keep it clean.
  12. That is just the perfect canvas for a switched on graphics designer. Makes the Bewaah look like quasimoto.
  13. Hot. Just like all new bikes thought, I really dont like the rear. A little bit of plastic poking up in the air with a crappy pillion seat that makes it look ugly. They should just drop the pillion seat.
  14. I have always looked at Kwakas and the colours/graphics and thought " how gay is that thing"

    but this one looks great - they must have found a designer with some machismo