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will westy win at our moto gp?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by susuzuki, Oct 4, 2007.

  1. The media hype says that Stoner is the favourite. He will be highly motivated for a win in his home country.

    Rossi knows the fastest way around Phillip island and will be determined to get to the top of that podium.

    Vermulean needs to win to prove that he is the serious contender as the next Aussie to become a world moto gp champion.

    But Westy is fast and he loves that green ninja. His late season debut at the Japenese Grand Prix was so impressive. If you have ever seen him race at the Island you will know he is the master of this circuit. Westy could well be the surprise of the race .... and if it rains, even a little, the win may be bigger. Go Westy.
  2. He might win if he doesn't jump the start again and have to wait in the pits for penalty time :LOL:

    He also had a late tyre change but recovered well to come 7th, so I think he is in with a chance to be up front
  3. Think he is intelligent enough not to try that again, and yes, tyres tyres tyres, you are right, the tyre issue will be important as it always is.
  4. It may have just been the nerves and anticipation at the start line. He proved he can fight it out with the best of them judging by the recovery he made.

    And I will be there to see it all! :grin:
  5. Possible, but unlikely. Let's see what happens next year, after pre-season testing, and more development.
  6. If it's raining, West's in with a great chance. Awesome wet-weather rider! :grin:
  7. One of the best ..... so what is the chance of rain?
  8. At Phillip Island? Big chance........................and no chance, at the same time :grin:

    I got rained on for the last session yesterday :cry:
  9. Knowing Victoria, it'll rain for the first five minutes, then stop for five minutes, then rain for five minutes, the stop for five minutes, then...

    There's been numerous times where it's rained on one part of the track and left the rest dry. Makes for some interesting tyre choices!
  10. He'll definitely be up there, Team Green seem to making pretty good choices with setup and tyres lately. That sucked about the jump start at Japan, he didn't even get an advantage out of it.
  11. I'll be cheering for Westy like any other green blooded Australian would. :)

    Not sure he'll win but it sure would be nice. :)
  12. If I were to truly dream, I'd be hoping for an Aussie 1, 2, 3. Don't think Rossi'll let that happen, though. :(
  13. Rossi will be fighting hard.
    You gotta give it to him he has done very well this season considering the amount of stress and problems the tax scandal is causing him. It threatens everything he has ever worked hard to earn and I think this would affect any person.
  14. Well unless Italian taxation is even more whacky than their democracy he could hardly owe more than he has earned.

    Casey to win again.