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Will we ever get the Yamaha raider?

Discussion in 'Cruisers' at netrider.net.au started by philmydang, Aug 15, 2010.

  1. Anyone know if it's possible to get these imported? Oh how nice it would be. sigh

  2. Looks like a typical cruiser, what's so good about it?

    If it's just aesthetic appeal, there's nothing you couldn't replicate here with enough time & money...
  3. Hrmms, from what I can tell, the raider is to the roadliner what the custom is to the classic in the 650's, the differences are a lot more pronounced though. It's a very attractive bike, seems to have some grunt according to the reviews.

    If it's available local in a year or two's time it'd be a contender for an upgrade. That said, my bikes not yet a month old, too early to be looking at upgrades yet. It'll make me a sad panda.
  4. I hear you I'd like to see the Raider here as well.
  5. :agree:
  6. both of which are always in short supply. read few reviews which rate this bike over HD and victory equivalents at half the cost - that's reason enough for me
  7. Fair enough, that's a good reason.
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  9. I would buy one of these if they were here and priced right
  10. I like the Star Raider too.


    1854 cc (113 ci) air-cooled pushrod v-twin,
    fuel injection, belt drive,
    dual 298 mm front discs, 310 mm rear disc,
    120/70-21 front tyre, 210/40-18 rear tyre.

    Yamaha says the "oxygen sensor and three-way catalyst reduce emissions", but perhaps not enough for Euro-IV.

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  11. would give the fury a run for its money =D>
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  14. Qld Imoprts can import and comply yamaha raiders
  15. I'd check at a dealer. They were both listed as on show at MotoExpo last month.
  16. Dealers in Australia have to much mark up it is cheaper to buy a used bike from USA very few Kms/ mls on it shop it over get it complied than pay there markup
  17. The Stryker is here. One of the bike shops here has two of them on the floor.

    I sat on one the other week, felt pretty good. I'd like to take one for a ride, but don't think they'll let me without an unrestricted licence lol