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Will VIV inspector accept Bob Martin as repairer

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by robbied, Sep 14, 2007.

  1. Okay so I know we had another thread recently about Bob Martins Engineering.

    I am going for a VIV in just over a week, I had the bike fixed at BM's several months ago.

    Will the VIV inspector accept the repairs?

  2. not knowing what state you are in, as long as you have all the reciepts that clearly state what damaged was fixed, it doesnt matter.
    i had a retired panelbeater repair an insurance write off that i had bought and the VIV inspector accepted it without question as to who this guy was.
    pretty much if the damage is fixed and the numbers match the paper work, you shouldnt have a problem.
  3. edit: double post
  4. if they have past the new proposed changes then i would assume that the rules that applied at the time of purchase would apply to you... anyway that would be my arguement if i got any greif
  5. ok. im in Vic as well.
    you need to provide more info.
    WHEN is this legislation being introduced?
    WHEN did the repairs to your bike occur?
    WHEN did the damage occur?
    did the repairs begin BEFORE the legislation was introduced (if it has been yet).
    you also need to go and do your own homework. this homework starts at Vicroads website. look at the written off/repairable vehicle section and all your info will be there.
    if i doubt, go to the nearest office monday and they have a wall of pamphlets. if your still in doubt then, grab a ticket and have a chat/explain yourself/situation to them in person and see what they say.

    i personally dont think youll have any troubles.
    this is what Vicroads website has to say about VIV's: http://www.vicroads.vic.gov.au/Home...equirements/WrittenOffVehicleRegistration.htm
    they are the authority. if your VIV is declined, despute it as the assessor is NOT the final authority on whats what.
    if Vicroads says its fine, then its fine.
  6. Thanks for the info guys,

    I have read all the information regarding VIV's and I am confident that my bike will pass as I said to BM fix everything.

    I was just worried they would not accept the repairs because of what was discussed in the other thread.

    The repairs were done months ago and I do not think the legislation applies yet.
  7. Bob Martins are the premier frame repair place in VIC as far as I know. If you can't get it approved after repairs there, you can't get it approved from anywhere. But the golden rule with Vicroads is

    Get it registered as quick as you damn well can, then keep it registered. So Vicroads won't have another opportunity to say "no".
  8. i think youll be fine.
    legislation doesnt happen over night. you usually get a fair amount of time before it happens.
    gather the paperwork and take the bike in., you wont have any hassles.
  9. Thanks for all the replies guys you have been very helpful! :grin:
  10. Bob Martin and VIV inspection reports

    Bob Martins can definitely inspect and perform repairs on bikes that will need a VIV inspection in Vic. They have been audited by VicRoads who are happy with the quality of work and the understanding of what repairs are acceptable.


    A :grin: