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Will Using AirCon In Car Wreck Engine?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by enforcer, Oct 16, 2006.

  1. Was in a friend's car and I asked him to turn on the air conditioning. He didn't want to because he said it will damage the engine.


    Anyway, I thought that the air con will just use some power and a little more fuel...but is there any truth to what he said?

    The only explaination he gave was it will put the engine under more strain and continual use will wreck the car.
  2. You should hang out with friends like that more often, they make you look clever ;)
  3. AirCon does put more strain on the motor, minutely.
    It's just that the compressor engages and needs to be run by the belt.

    In 15+ year old cars you might damage your engine if you don't use the A/C for 12 months then flick it on. the compressor could be seized or tight because of the lack of use and age.

    In most cars, it'll mean a tiny bit less performance, and a tad of extra "strain" on the motor, but it's not going to wreck the motor.

    If it's a new car, use the A/C 24/7 if you wish, nothing will happen - and if it does - warranty!

    Give your mate a smackin' and tell him to ride a bike :p
  4. I'm with Vic :LOL:
  5. If the car is in such a state that he thinks it will be damaged - it's probably crap already.:LOL:

    I have even heard the view that it is more fuel efficient to run the ac than to open the windows for ventilation - not certain about that one.
  6. There could be a bomb on the compressor, and once you engage it, you have to speed around and if you speed drops below 55, then the bomb will explode, that could damage the engine. :grin:

    Or it could be a POS that honestly cant run the radio, or the guy could have once turned on the a/c and had the car over heat and to this day thinks that is what caused it.

    Since when has it been hot enough to use a/c anyway ??
  7. I think the jolly lads from Mythbusters dealt with that; can't remember the result, though....
  8. :WStupid: (sorry Vic, was the best emoticon I could find)

    I've owned a 3.5 yo VY Crumbledore since new and the A/C is on 24/7 especially during winter months where it stops the car fogging up as cooling and heating the air removes moisture from it.

    Yes when the compressor clutch kicks in it will put a greater load, however small, onto the motor and result in a tiny amount of extra fuel but then again by pressing the accelerator a little harder will also result in using much more fuel.

    Cars are made to be driven not wrapped in cotton wool and washed and polished within an inch of their life on a weekly basis. My car hasn't had a proper wash for 3 months, all I do is stick a dollar into one of those coin in slot car washes every few weeks (did it driving to work this morning) and hose the dust off as required but being silver means the dirt doesn't show up as badly as my previous black car.
  9. Tsk Tsk @ Hosing the dust off.

    Waste of water.
  10. ...whaaa...?

    Your friend is [img:39:18:6113fca9ae]http://users.pandora.be/eforum/emoticons4u/smoking/rauch08.gif[/img:6113fca9ae]
  11. It's a Commodore from the '80s. The doors don't need keys to open and you can use the any key to start it. Apart from the AC causing the engine to overheat the heater makes the car stall if you're idle and there's some weird noise everytime a right hand turn is made.

    Mythbusters had an episode that they proved before a certain speed it is more fuel efficient to have windows open, but after that speed it is more fuel efficient to use the AC. I cannot remember what that speed was.

    My friend says if it goes over 95 km/h the entire car shakes. So that car doing 90 km/h on the freeway...that's my friend's car :LOL:

    Anyway his car is a ticking bomb but I can't argue with him because, as he puts it, "My car is a tank compared to a bike."
  12. The aircon does increase the load on the engine - but then technically so too does turning on the headlights or the radio ;). On really hot days using the aircon can cause problems since the increased load on the engine, and the heat generated by the condenser, can cause the engine to overheat.
  13. :rofl:

    Driving the car will wreck the car... let alone using the air conditioner. Chances are the compressor and hoses are at the end of their life.
  14. It would be a waste of water if I did it in the driveway at home but I do it at one of those coin in slot car washes which catch the waste water and filter and reuse it so :p

    :LOL: :wink:
  15. According to some, using A/C will wreck the environment more than the car engine.