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Will this muffler do it for me?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by Ghost chips, Aug 4, 2014.

  1. Hi there,

    I've got a stock exhaust on my RVF400 NC35. It's a V4 and i want to hear it more! Because it is an gray import it is a little harder to find bits for it but i have found one muffler that will fit on it. Here is the link to it i found on ebay. I don't want it to be as quiet as the one i've got. Any help would be much appreciated! I'm just about to press "buy it now" but i'm trying to hang off for a bit.


  2. Just a brief warning:

    Any muffler on a a bike in Australia needs to be made for that bike and carry a sticker confirming such. If you buy an aftermarket pipe, particularly from overseas, you may have issues getting it passed for rego.
  3. Keep your stock pipes for RWC, and sell them with the bike (or keep them, just in case)..
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  4. Good advise. Thanks! I'll keep the stock stuff just in case. Probably only worth a few bucks anyway.
  5. I really doubt u would get pinged for that for a rego check. There are tens of thousands of bikes on the road with generic mufflers on them
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  6. Yah me too. Getting pinged for that seems unlikely. Probably the last of my worries 3:)
  7. I've got Staintunes on my VFR800 which are locally made for the bike and approved, yet when I get the pink slip, the examiner says ' you didn't have those pipes on when I did the inspection'. I used to get the same comment with my 1200 Bandit which had a Yoshi pipe on it, again made for the 1200 Bandit. This makes 3 inspection stations that have made the same comments over the past 10 so years.

    About 10 years ago the NSW Govt tried to bring in a 'sticker tax' which effectively meant that the only muffler you could put on your bike was one that was tested by the bike manufacturer in the factory, which meant the original pipe only. This was defeated in the Upper House, but only after a number of bikes were 'fined' off the road. See links below. There are numerous other links if you do an internet search.




    All I'm saying is be aware that you could be pulled over, inspected and potentially fined. Even though the 'sticker tax legislation was repealed there is still a requirement for a muffler to carry a 'sticker' advising the muffler was designed to operate on a certain model of bike and be within noise limits.

    Yes, as said by someone else there are numerous bikes out there with aftermarket exhausts (like my two for instance), but you need to be aware of the risk, particularly if you are looking at buying a no-name exhaust from overseas. Also overly noisy bikes are magnets for police.