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Will they turn me back from sitting P's because of exhaust?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by fizmotech, Aug 14, 2008.

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  1. NSW RTA states a road worthy bike.

    My bike is registered, but its loud. Offensive to some (my neaighbours). Its a gpx250 with two bros muffler slip ons.

    is there anything really quick, easy and cheap I can do before sundays test?

  2. u will be fine. they dont do a roadworthy check on the day. as long as it's mechanically safe, registered, and a LAMS approved bike, you'll be fine.
  3. You'll probably get bonus points for a sweet exhaust note.

  4. If the P's test is run by the same people I did the L's with then I doubt very much they would care about anything with the bike, short of it having only 1 wheel or faulty brakes or something.
  5. a person in my P's test showed up on a YZ250F with a WR250 pipe dirt tyres and no chain guard. The instructor told him to tie an L-plate where the chain guard is meant to be and everything was fine.

    Another bloke, his brake lights didn't work and he had to hire a bike.

    Check your brake lights a couple of days before the test so you have time to fix it
  6. they might give u a tap on the butt, never know.
  7. at mine they said "where the hell is your L place?" and I shrugged and said "must of fallen off along the way here, it was there this morning" so he made me go get one from the RTA and come back with it before we left.
  8. I dont know, when i did it the dude checked everyones lights, indicators, registration of course, tyre tread quickly.

    But then again watching my brother do his L's, a group of riders doing there P's were there and one of them stack it going to the RTA that morning, bike had broken light, indicator, lotsa cosmetic damage and he still took off with them for the test.

    In your case you'll be fine, say thats how you bought the bike and dont know much about them, say the previous owner said they are below the 98db limit, lie a little.
  9. Didnt let me ride my bike for the test cause it didnt have LAMS on the rego sticker, even though it was a 250 4 stroke, well I suppose they made money on me renting one of their bikes, and anyway their bike was new with better brakes, and I passed, which evened things out in the end.
  10. i held off putting a yoshi pipe on my drz400sm for this very reason, they did complain about there being no chain guard and i just acted dumb.
  11. do they carry around a db reader?

    im not sure how loud it is. less than a motor mower when its idling and about the same at open throttle, but much deeper.
  12. you'll be right mate. and besides, despite what you'd like to think any 250 twin with a can is not that loud at all really. good luck with the test mate.
  13. Re: Will they turn me back from sitting P's because of exhau

    I took my Ps test on an Across with an extremely offensive can.

    I had a SV1000 rider (with aftermarket cans) pull up one time and comment that my bike was F***n loud.
  14. i think i was that sv thou rider, and yes it was f*)&n loud :grin:
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