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Will the Street Triple 660 kill 675 sales?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Ausfox, Jan 9, 2014.

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  1. I don't know what it will do for the sales of the bigger version, but I'm betting Triumph reckon it will do their overall sales a passel of good!!
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  2. I think we'll see lots of triumphs. I'd buy on if I was looking for a LAMS bike.
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  3. I'd buy one for a commuter. No need for big horsepower in the traffic light race

  4. Yeah, but what will be the difference from the 675? Less weight? Probably not? Just less power. fcuk that.

    EDIT: And I wouldn't say the street 675 has "big horsepower" .. :D
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  5. Don't think i'll sell my 675 to buy one ;)
  6. baby tripple; that's cute
  7. Looks like a nice bike and will be good for learners to get a decent looking bike that they can possibly ride after they are off restrictions.

    Why is it 660cc? Is there a threshold limit for LAMS??

  8. Yes. 660
  9. Maybe they have to drop capacity to classify for LAMS?

    But even with 660 I can imagine it would be way out of LAMS range (only 15cc less than the street tripple) unless they set the motor on some drugs, add lots of weight or drop power/ration somehow else.
  10. Different cams, probably smaller valves, exhaust and throttle restriction
  11. Lot more learners are going to be crashing from all that oil on their tyres.
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  12. if i was an newbie, yeah i'd hit one of those up. no expensive fairings to break, looks spunk, and a striple whine as a learner? sweet... although maybe an expensive bike to crash when my oil decides to leak.

    oh and in answer to your question op, no i don't think it will, if anything it'll might just give them an extra bump up in the competitve market. it will probably just remain a highly sought after lams bike like the rvfs were
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    they have to drop the capacity and HALVE the output to qualify for LAMS.... 15cc wouldn't make much difference if the tuning stayed the same...

    in fact as its power to weight they'll have to drop the power below some of the heavier 650's on the market.... it'll probably end up with hp in the mid 50's.... about the same as a CB400.
  14. Interesting but understandable. There'll be at least 3 x Naked 600/650/660 bikes on the market at the same time - Benelli, Honda and the Triumph. I'll be on unrestricted by the time it arrives but it would be an interesting comparison.

    I agree with RRDevil though they would make a great commuter (if I didn't have the CB400) and they will even hold their value better than the full power versions (more so for the Benelli and Honda than the ST).

    Even with the headlights it's still better looking than that Triumph 250 they are planning.
  15. I think that Triumph 250 is aimed mainly at the Indian market.
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  16. I think that the LAMS version will kill the Street Triple completely.

    At the moment, a Striple is considered as a "real" motorcycle.

    Folk coming off their restrictions aspire to getting one.

    As soon as there is a LAMS version available, the 675 looses it's "real"-ness, and folk will stop wanting one.

    I disagree.

    The Striple, as is, is a good thing.

    To comply with the power to weight ratio, Triumph will have to program the ECU down to something under half of the potential power output.

    A half power Striple wouldn't be very much fun at all, the L or P plate would tell the world that it was half powered, and that would kill the popularity of the "real" 675.

    How long will the added security protect the ECU from being fiddled?

    Who knows?

    It will also be a fairly expensive LAMS machine.
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  17. I don't think it'll be good for the 675 sales, that's for sure.

    Learners will buy them for sure, but owing one of the 660 will mean that they no longer long to own the 675 as their first real bike, they'll move up the food chain to the liter class (this means, from an Australian perspective at least, Triumph really needs to update the speed triple).
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  18. These were my thoughts too.
    Maybe not hurt the 675R as much. But I still think it'll hurt 675 sales.
    Maybe a "Highway triple 800"?
  19. Yeah, maybe they are planning to finally release that ~800cc street triple.