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Will the RTA give me her name?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Tim_4, May 31, 2011.

  1. OK, so i was at the RTA last saturday (i bet you already know where this is going :p) with a pink piece of paper having passed my pre-provisional course the week before. While i was there i met this girl. Well, there was an exchange of a couple of words, but that was about it. Anyway, she did her license test on the computer and i didnt get her name and now i cant get her out of my head. <--i didnt expect this last bit


    So basically, the plan is to go the RTA early saturday morning, and basically ask if i can get her name (the idea being there was only a small number of people to do a computer test on the saturday morning, probably like 2 or three girls)

    So question is, will the RTA even give me her name or am i better off saving myself the embarressemnt, and forgetting about it?

    I guess you are also wondering what i would do with her name. Well, im hoping i can find her on FB, and shoot her a message, see if she remembers me. (while trying to be as uncreepy and cool as possible, probably saying that i heard her name as i was waiting for my license) Then if i do get a decent reply i could go from there. btw, thats IF i get her name.

    Also, this seems to be the stupidest idea i have ever had, but its all i got (im acting out of necessity here; its making it hard to concentrate on writing a thesis lol). Probably the most annoying part is that while i was listneing for my name to get my lisence, her name was called, but i cant for the life of me remember what it was. <--yes many lols here

    Yes, yes, i know i shouldve moved then, but i must've been more interested in getting my provisional license and didnt even think to. So no need to point that out.

    Any recommendations? Possible stories i could bullshit to make me seem less of a loser? Am i likely to get arrested for stalking? (even though i swear i am not, and the police station is right around the corner, not even joking) Comments please

    PS i need both new high beam and low beam bulbs for my bike (high beam's blown, low beam's gone heaps dull). Any recommendations on where i should get them?
  2. Her name was Kylie....:)

    And no they won't tell you, privacy act and all that stuff....
  3. She's gone, and you ain't getting squat outta the RTA.
    Stash her face in the wank-bank and move along...
  4. browny, you have a contender.

    you know there are other females out there?

    hey, OP. what's your name so we can all look you up on FB?
  5. You snooze, you lose... Anything you do now will kind of look creepy...

    PS - Try Autobarn or Supercheap for globes :)
  6. hahaha nice one.

    store her face in the wank bank, as mentioned above, and move along :D
  7. Playboy.com for inspiration...
  8. just because a girl says a couple of words to you dose'nt mean she wants you.
    you're reading too much into it.
  9. you've got more chance of being the next king of sweden.
    move on.
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  11. It doesnt?...........damn there goes the girl of my dreams.
  12. Dude she brought you petrol and you let her ride away - I don't think a misread is your problem ;)
  13. Don't you hate when that happens
  14. I was after you in the RTA. Her name was Sarah and you were batting way above your average.
  15. Doesn't matter how good they look.
    Someone, somewhere.....is tired of putting up with their shit !!!
    Line em up and hit them out of the park mate.
  16. What is the average when there is zero sample size? "Undefined"?
  17. Keep at it. People give up too easy these days.

    I guess it might have something to do with the fact that "courting" of old, is now usually described as "stalking"...

    Anyway, you have your L's & she has her L's right? So, you just need to go back in 6/12 months, whenever you can upgrade your license & hang around :)

    Failing that, have a quiet chat to one of the girls at the RTA, (try & pick one that looks like a hopeless romantic) & give her your story you never know...

    That, or facebook stalk her.
  18. ... or email "Today".. they love all this crap!!... :D