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will the police be checking bikes going to phillip island

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Im Singing In The Rain, Oct 11, 2011.

  1. Sorry if this has been discussed before. My CBR1000RR isn't stock !!!

  2. Of course there will be.

    Current rumour is that there are 6 on the way to cowes. (I doubt that number though)
  3. Does the friggin pope shit in the woods? Show them your netrider card and they'll wave you through, be sure to mention me by name.
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  4. For a free nights accommodation in a room with a sort of jaily ambience and a steel bar motif. ;)
  5. Plus they'll wake you up with a firehose in the morning. Bed, breakfast and shower all for free. Put it on my tab officer.
  6. I know its a stupid question. But I've not been to the Gp before and I get pulled up on my bike on a monthly basis for licence checks , but they NEVER say anything about my mods.
  7. How modded are we talking here? They're not going to do too much about exhausts unless you're super loud. Most of it will be license and breatho checks. But if you're bike is obviously illegal and draws attention...
  8. Nah mate, VicPol are pretty easy going with rego, roadworthy & road rules at this time of the year, bit of a free for all really, have fun :)

    j/k! I didn't have any problems last year despite pretty loud pipes, but I only rode there & back, parked the bike all weekend.
  9. Maybe they're legal? You haven't told us what they are.

    Depends a bit on the nature of the police operation. Sometimes, when they aren't ordered to pointlessly defect riders... they don't.
  10. ha ha ha
  11. Fender Eliminator/Two Brothers Exhaust are the obvious ones. It's not on Nitro !!
  12. For all the previous rhetoric if you are not doing wheelies down Cowes main street at 7:00pm then there are so many bikes on the island during GP weekend you are unlikely to be pinged for minor things. There is safety in numbers.
  13. Yeah they are fairly basic mods and about 50 percent of bikes going have at least one of those. I have an exhaust, but its not too loud, so not expecting any trouble.
  14. Fender Eliminator will be a problem.
  15. Fender eliminator they sometimes go for, it's hit and miss. If there's a road block at the San Remo bridge you might get done there.

    Other mods:
    Loud exhaust
    No rego label
    Indicators - not far enough apart
    Tyres not roadworthy

    Keep your bike and your attitude pristine and it usually goes your way. Remember though that the guy before you may have wound them up.
  16. Dammit, I never got one. I guess I won't be going to GP without it.
  17. At least they dont lock you up like at Bathurst years ago.
    You will only get a ticket at PI.
  18. Oh geez, i have a two brothers :/ I had the shop baffle it tho. Some of the guys have heard me flogging it and no one has said anything. So no idea.
  19. whats wrong with a fender eliminator?
  20. It's not ADR compliant and makes your bike technically unroadworthy