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Will start riding the bike on Saturday!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Vineyard Performance Team, Dec 28, 2006.

  1. Got the L's a couple of weeks ago!

    Anyone else excited and nervous about being allowed to go out on the roads with the bike?

    I'm looking forward to hopping on and learning lots!

    See you fellow bikeriders out there! :)
  2. Congratulations and best of luck out there on the roads :).
  3. Keep it shiny side up and enjoy the hell out of it. :grin:
  4. Good on ya VPT!

    Day I got my L's, I didnt venture out until late that night when the
    roads were quiet. Just as well. Came to the first T-intersection &
    stalled the bloody thing. :)

    You'll grow in confidence with each ride. :wink:
  5. Congrats - where r u located? Enjoy!
  6. Yay congratulations! I have had my L's for about 5 or so weeks and am loving it to bits but was nervous the first couple of weeks whilst getting confident around my local neighbourhood before taking on the traffic and bigger roads. Had a mentor take me out a couple of times and I can't recommend it enough.

    Enjoy it to the max :grin:
  7. Yep, know the feeling. Got my L's last week.

    My bike should be ready either today or next Tuesday - it was still in bits having a service when I put the deposit down on it Wednesday.

    I've decided the best way to get used to the bike is keep it at my father's place, as he has one of those back lanes that people use to access their garages.

    I'll go up and down it practicing takeoffs and N - 1 - 2 - 1 - N. Should take a day or two. Once that is sorted I'll venture out onto the surrounding suburban roads, which are pretty quiet, so no hassles there. Once I'm confident there I'll venture onto the main roads and do circuits between my house (hilly area) and my father's. I expect it should take not much more than a week to feel confident riding around the Eastern suburbs of Adelaide. After that it's just a matter of dealing with heavy traffic, and higher speed riding (freeway, hills).
  8. Congrats on getting your Ls and bike VPT.
  9. First ride

    Congrats !! I got my Ls two weeks ago as well. My first ride on a main road was with a mate who had plent of experience. It was funny though as he was riding alon on his R1 and I was on my vt250 cruiser :grin:

    The nerves should settle after a couple of outings. On my first ride my kids were cheering me at the driveway, I gave them a wave and stalled the bloody thing :p . I also did the back streets at first to find the gears, positions, brakes etc.
  10. Re: First ride

    i told my family that they weren't allowed to watch the first couple of times for exactly this reason..... :LOL: but i still managed to do a driveway drop right in front of my son the first time he watched me..... :LOL:
  11. Get yourself a "ride buddy" is my advice. I did this with a G/F and just took things at her pace / speed around the backstreets, then we ventured onto a highway. Ended up doing a couple of runs as she gained confidence.

    I have also seen posts for "buddy rides" here on NR, where an experienced rider will go out for a while with a newby.
    Also check the Vic Rides posts.

    Congrats. Oh and nice horses.
  12. Hey, just checked VTP's profile. It already had that link included. :LOL:

  13. Thanks guys!!

    Yep, based in Eden Park Victoria!

    I'm sure I'll be having lots of fun stalling the bike every time I stop and go! I haven't quite worked out the revs yet - it's alittle tougher being deaf as I can't hear the clicks in the gear lever so I don't always know exactly what gear I'm in until it's too late!

    Will be practising this afternoon going up and down a couple of hills through a roundabout and then into a little twisty bit.

    See you out there!! :)

    And for those riders who want to try talking to me at the lights on the bikes etc and then wonder why the hell I don't respond, can I just warn you that I most likely won't know what the heck you are saying - those bike helmets cover up the mouth so I have no way of lipreading!

    Look forward to meeting fellow bike riders out there!
  14. hey VPT, I'm only a short ride from you, I'm in Craigieburn, so if you want a riding buddy just give me a holler and we can arrange to hook up sometime. :)
  15. Caz you are so kind. :p There are a few of us from the Northern suburbs, so always happy to organise a ride we are.
  16. Yeah I am in the north west area, just let us know when we are going for a ride. We should really organize something while the weather is still good.
  17. Sounds great!

    I need to do some more practising before I am comfortable to go out in a group ride, want to ensure I am not going to kill myself out there! :)

    Definately will organise something with you guys once I'm confident out there!